Top 5 Cheapest Tablets for Students

Top 5 Cheapest Tablets for Students

There is no arguing that tablets can be a real great learning tool for students all the way from elementary school through college, but let’s face it, 700$ price tag is beyond the reach of the most parents which is way exiting to see some tablets for great prices which anyone can afford.

The 2012 was the year of tablets, not only there were a huge number of tablets presented but also companies were competing on the price. Although 50% of peoples choose to buy an iPad, still there are a lot of other cheap tablets which have almost the same performances as those expensive tablets out there.

When tablets first came out, they weren’t designed for students but nowadays there are a lot of students who carry an iPad or android tablet on their classes. Technology has achieved to revolutionize our educational system, even though students are more techy addicted, there are a lot of teachers that are using tablets to make the learning process more attractive and fun too.

That’s why we’ve chosen to give to you our list of Top Cheapest Tablets for Students;

1. Akash:
The main idea of Akash was to create computing device which is affordable, and by affordable I mean it is the cheapest gadget ever. Targeted mainly at students and educational needs the significances of the product can’t be under mind. Akash is manufactured in India and it is the world cheapest tablet computer. It has a 7 inch resistive screen and weighs only 350 grams and it runs on android 2.2. It has a Wi-Fi connection, 2 full USB ports, 256 MB ram and a 2GB flash memory, but it also have a 2 GB micro SD card which is expandable to 32 GB. It is designed especially for students and educational purpose. If you do not want to spend more than 50$ on a tablet than Akash is the right choice for you.

Price: 2 GB flash storage for 50$

2. Funbook Alpha
Funbook Alpha
This runs on the latest android version. It is manufactured by Micromax and has a great design too. It is slim, light and well putted together. It has a camera and applications for this tablet can be found on the android store. If you want something cheaper than Nexus and Kindle Fire than Funbook Alpha is the one that you should look for. The performances are a little bit lower than Nexus, Kindle and Archos but still it is worth the price. It has a Wi-Fi connection, USB ports and HD display. For those with a tight budget this is just the right tablet.

Price: 4 GB flash storage for 133$

3. Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HD Tablet
It takes about a second to notice how much nicer the hardware is one the new kindle fire HD vs old Kindle Fire. Design is second to know, it has curved edges and the design is very thin. All those make comfortable to hold up when reading. Also it’s a tad heavier than Nexus 7 but you’d only really notice that if you are holding them side by side. It does have a slightly better screen than the Nexus while they both have the same HD IPS display. The fire screen now has a special coding that makes it easier to see outside and reduce the glare. It is not as good as regular kindle outside but it is better than iPad and Nexus. Amazon also added a camera to the front for video calling over Skype. Kindle fire is known as the second best tablet for students, it has a great price, good performances and it has almost the same price as Nexus but still Nexus is a step further.

8 GB flash storage for 160$
16 GB flash storage for 200$
32 GB flash storage for 300$

4. Google Nexus

Nexus 7 is the best budget tablet that is on the market right now. Aside from the fantastic price we have to give some credit to Asus just because they did a phenomenal job in manufacturing the tablet, because typically when you think of a 200$ tablet you expecting something cheap with no good construction but Nexus 7 has a top notch design. The performances of this tablet are compared to those of iPad. The best of Nexus 7 is that you get all the updates from the Android and you won’t have any issue in the future as this product is brought by Google. For students, this is just the best tablet, it has a good design, great price and there are thousands of applications for Nexus on android store.

16 GB flash storage for 199$
32 GB flash storage for 249$

5. Archos Tablet
Archos Tablet
This is a really impressive tablet, a 10 inch tablet with a beautiful display and I would say currently on the market this is the most comparable to iPad. It is extremely fast, Archos is going to be able to support all of your high-definition videos, your music, games, browse the web and anything that you would thing you can do with an android operating system including all the application that are on the android app store. What’s very cool about this is that you can use it to do video conferences while you are on the road and it is absolutely thin enough to go in any beg without even realizing that it is even there. The best of all is that the price of this tablet is extremely cheap and even high school students can afford it.

8 GB flash storage for 299$
16 GB flash storage for 329$

Using new technologies is the future of education system. The following reason should silence the naysayers and help heed wisdom from Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach who says “Teachers will not be replaced by technology, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do.” The main reason to use tablets for educational purpose is that students love technology and it make it easier to understand new things. And because of that we have chosen to give you the list above of top cheapest tablets that most of the students can afford.

If you have experience with any of them, please share your thoughts below, so we all can decide which one is the best!

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