5 free useful tools for students

Managing multiple tasks during your studies can be very time-consuming and stressful. That’s why we present five tools to simplify and increase effectiveness.  

1. DeepL :

DeepL is considered as one of the world’s best machine translators. It is free to use up to a text length of 5,000 characters. In addition, the tool makes significantly fewer mistakes in the areas of punctuation and grammar than many of its competitors. A total of 24 languages is available. The texts you enter are translated in less than one second. You can use the translation tool here.

2. XODO:

XODO is a PDF reader and editor that allows you to edit, comment, sign and share PDFs. At the same time, you have the possibility to collaborate with other people in real time, regardless of location. Another advantage is the easy filling of PDF forms and the synchronisation with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. You can find more information about XODO here.

3. StudySmarter:

StudySmarter was awarded the best learning app in Germany. The digital platform optimally supports you in your exam preparation. You can create flashcards, share digital flashcards with friends, use already shared flashcards, set learning goals, receive reminders for these, track your progress and much more. You can find more information about StudySmarter here.

4. Evernote:

Structure the chaos on your browser or smartphone and never lose your bookmarks again – Evernote is the ideal tool for this. The feature supports filing, collecting, organising and finding documents, files, photos, notes, video and audio files. Objects can be archived and also sorted from all sources, such as e-mail, internet, PC and smartphone. Even handwriting can be recognised and Evernote helps to put a stop to the virtual paper economy. You can find more information about Evernote here.

5. Nirvana:

This app offers a modern user interface, which sets it apart from other “to-do lists”. Its ease of use makes managing commitments fun. Tasks can be entered via email or smartphone app and organised by different tags. Add contacts and don’t lose track of open work, or even work that has already been done. Lists or other data can also be exported to the computer through simple handling. Details about Nirvana can be found here.

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