Der Gewinner des Mawista Stipendiums für außergewöhnliche Persönlichkeiten steht fest

Mawista announce the winner of the Scholarship for Extraordinary Personalities

For all of you who have followed and supported us we are finally unraveling the winner of the most unconventional scholarship among all; neither for the top students of the class, nor for the ones with the highest IQ but the scholarship for extraordinary personalities with the top interesting life story to tell.

As you all know, the winner takes it all; the sum of 500 Euros per month during a 12-month period granted by Mawista. The scholarship for extraordinary personalities goes to the participant No.2 (Kathrin Lemler). CONGRATULATIONS!!!
We hope that we can help you with our scholarship to fulfill your personal desires.

A big thanks goes to all the followers as potential voters who made this competition run on equal and fair basis. Again, we appreciate your understanding of keeping the contestants privacy intact by not disclosing their names but only their stories. In the end of the day, it was their stories that made them extraordinary.

Although it might seem small, this financial support given by Mawista, has contributed into changing many lives for the best and so it will continue. Our goal is to give those who you think deserve it, through a public vote, a little something to invest in their future. For those who didn’t get lucky this time or the ones who were too late to apply we encourage you to follow our page for further information in such competitions and scholarships in the future.

In the upcoming days we will announce the new Scholarship Contest, so follow us on Social Media sites like: FacebookTwitter and Google+ to be informed on-time.

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