Mawista Stipendium 2016/17: Bekanntgabe zum Gewinner

Mawista Scholarship 2016/17: Announcement of the winner

The glorious winner has been chosen! Numerous people have been voting for our this year’s scholarship „Studying abroad with a child“. Using a public vote, the winner has now been determined.

In advance, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the vote. Without you, who have pursued our awarding of the scholarship so extensively, this competition would not have been possible.

The applicants have not proven themselves with flawless grades or a demanding course.  In fact it was about the determination and courage to promote your education abroad with a child by your side. People who proved themselves as organizational skills with incredible strength of personality – those are the ones, whose future we would very much like to invest in.

The scholarship for studying abroad with a child goes to the Entrant Shamekh Mohammed.  Congratulations! You’ll be sponsored by Mawista for 12 months with 500€ a month!

We hope this financial support encourages you in pursuing your further goals and helps in facilitating your life a little. Do not despair in continuing to master the challenge of a study with a child!

In the upcoming days we will announce the new Scholarship Contest, so follow us on Social Media sites like: FacebookTwitter and Google+ to be informed on-time.

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