for foreign guests and visitors in Germany
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  • up to the age of 64 years
  • for 8, 15, 31, 45, 62, 92 and 183 days
  • suitable for multi visa
  • without stipulated self-retention
  • online application possible
  • low premiums for groups
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Who is entitled?
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Ideal for everybody

  • Visitors or guests (visitor visa)
  • Business travellers (business visa)
  • Tourists (tourist visa)
  • Group visitors (visitor visa for travel groups)

of foreign nationality (from a country subject to visa requirements) temporarily staying in the Federal Republic of Germany or within the sovereignty of those member states of the EU which have signed and fully abide by the terms of the Schengen Convention. The following EU member states have signed and fully abide by the terms of the Schengen Convention: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.  Insurance coverage complies with the requirements of the council regulation (EC) no. 810/2009 of the European Parliament and Council as of 13.07.2009 and is unlimited.

Schengen Visa Travel Insurance

With MAWISTA Visum you get a travel insurance plan, that offers you a safety stay in all Schengen states. You are protected from the high costs of illness or accident during the stay and get with this health insurance the prerequisite for a Schengen Visa.


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What should I know?
  • Max. acceptance age: 64 years
    A tariff for persons over 64 years can be found here
  • Max. insurance period: 183 days
  • Min. insurance period: 8 days
  • When applied before entry – without waiting period!
    Or up to one month after entry, or up to one week after the end of another insurance contract – then with 7 days waiting period.
  • Follow-up insurance prior to expiry: can be arranged by telephone, fax, e-mail or post; max. insurance period is 183 days
  • Payment: single payment after conclusion
  • Validity of policy:
    a) for persons from a visa requiring country:
         12 months from the start of insurance applied for the agreed period; multiple entry and exit is possible
    b) for persons from a non visa requiring country:
         after insurance inception date for the agreed period
  • Cancellation: free of charge subject to presentation of proof that a visa has been refused
  • Stipulated self-retention in the travel health insurance: none
The insurer

Niederlassung für Deutschland
Bahnhofstr. 16
85609 Aschheim (bei München)

Our rates
Duration of travelSingle travellers
per person up to 64 years of age
Travel groups from 10 persons
per person up to 64 years of age
up to 8 days13 €9 €
up to 15 days19 €16 €
up to 31 days34 €29 €
up to 45 days49 €42 €
up to 62 days67 €58 €
up to 92 days95 €86 €
up to 183 days199 €170 €
Insurance benefits
Outpatient treatment 
Inpatient treatment 
Medicines and dressings 
Pain-killing dental treatment and repairs of dentures and provisional measures
up to 250,- €
Transport costs to the nearest suitable hospital 
Funeral and repatriation costs 
Repatriation to home country 
Treatment of existing diseases till the insured person can be transported again after the insurance protection has expired, limited to 45 days 
Travel liability insurance 


What restrictions on the coverage have to be considered?

The travel health insurance does not include insurance cover for*:

  • treatment and other medically defined measures which are the reason for travel;
  • treatment and other medically defined measures, the necessity of which was known to the insured person, or which under the given circumstances should have been reckoned with, before the planned start of travel or at the time the policy was concluded;
  • dental treatment other than analgesic treatment and repairs to dentures and provisional inlays costing more than EUR 250 per stay;
  • massage and wellness treatment, as well as the procuration of artificial limbs and other aids;
  • treatment of alcohol or drug-related illnesses and other addictions and their consequences, including return hospital transport;
  • delivery after the 36th week of pregnancy and terminated pregnancies and their consequences, including return hospital transport;
  • treatment or placement due to infirmity, the need for nursing care or custody (including return hospital transport);
  • treatment of psychiatric or mental disorders, as well as hypnotism and psychotherapy (including associated medication and return hospital transport);
  • injuries suffered as a result of active participation in competitions organised by sport organisations and related training (including return hospital transport).

* Legally binding are the conditions of insurance of the Allianz Worldwide Partners, München. Download the terms and conditions MAWISTA Visum Comfort.

What do I have to do in all claims cases?
The insured person must keep the claim amount as low as possible and provide proof of the costs incurred. Therefore, please make sure to gather suitable proof for the time the claim is to be made (e.g. confirmation of ill health, doctor’s report) and the scope of the claim (e.g. bills, documentation). What should I do in the event of illness, injury or other emergencies while travelling? (Travel health insurance/travel emergency call insurance) In cases of serious injury or illness, particularly prior to entering hospital, please contact the AWP P&C S.A. emergency assistance centre without delay to ensure you receive adequate treatment and to arrange return transport home if necessary.

Assistance emergency call centre (24-hour emergency service!): +49 (0) 89 6 24 24 496

The following documents must be submitted in order for your claim to be processed:
  • Copy of the insurance policy in your possession
  • Complete copy of the passport of the insured person with personal details, entry visa and date of entry into the area of validity of the insurance
  • Original bill and/or prescriptions with details of the medical diagnosis and services provided

Important: The bills must include the following details: the name of the treated person, a description of the illness, details about the treatment and a list of the medical services provided and the associated costs. Prescriptions must include the following details: the prescribed medication, prices and the chemist’s official stamp. In cases of out-patient treatment, you will receive a bill from the doctor, which you will usually have to pay in advance at the time of treatment. Please note that if you are treated by a doctor in Germany, doctors’ bills are calculated at 1.8 times the charge rates for doctors (GÖA) or for dentists (GOZ); primarily medical-related services are calculated at a maximum of 1.3 times the charge rate, and laboratory services are calculated at a maximum of 1.15 times the charge rate.

What do I have to pay attention to if I cause damage?  (Travel liability insurance) Please write down the names and addresses of any witnesses who may have observed the event leading to the damage and notify AWP P&C S.A.

Important: Avoid admitting liability for any damage you may have caused. If you do so, this may invalidate your insurance claim.

Remuneration is paid in euros into a German bank account.

Notificate claims online under report the damage
What happens if your guest does not receive a visa?

If your guest is not allowed to enter the country, you can apply for reimbursement of the insurance premiums. To receive reimbursement of the insurance premiums, you must submit the original insurance policy together with the notice of rejection from the embassy or consulate and a full copy of your guest’s passport. Reimbursement will only take place after expiry of the policy, therefore after 12 months.



Follow-up insurance cover (a new policy!) is available if the originally arranged period of insurance was less than 183 days. The premium for follow-up insurance cover is calculated according to the premiums table for new insurance policies. Follow-up insurance must be concluded before the original insurance cover expires. Insurance cover is only granted for acute illnesses which arise following the application (postmark date).

The maximum total period of insurance cover is 183 days!


A continually updated list of countries which are subject to visa requirements can be found on the Web site of the German Foreign Office:


Generally speaking, the embassies and general consulates (diplomatic representatives) of the Federal Republic of Germany are responsible for issuing visas. Visas are issued by the diplomatic representative responsible for the region in which the applicant is usually resident or is registered.

Visa applications, together with all the required documentation, must be submitted personally by the applicant to the diplomatic representative at his place of residence. In order to avoid any subsequent time-consuming queries, travellers should contact their respective diplomatic representative and enquire about any particular requirements regarding the issuing of visas which may apply locally.


Forms in different languages can be found on the Web site of the German Foreign


Diplomatic representatives usually take between two and ten workdays to pass a decision on whether to grant a visas for a short-term stay. In cases of visa applications for a longer stay or which include a work permit, applicants must reckon with a processing time of several months. Delays may occur during peak travel periods until the application can be submitted to the diplomatic representative. Applications should therefore be submitted well in advance if a visa is required to enter Germany.


An invitation is almost always necessary for private visits. This usually takes the form of a so-called “formal obligation”. The appropriate form is generally available from your local aliens’ registration office or regulatory agency. The procedure usually involves checking your financial status and legally verifying your signature.


By entering a formal obligation in compliance with §§ 82 to 84 of the German Aliens’ Act, you assume liability for any costs incurred by public authorities on behalf of the foreign visitor during a stay in Germany. The aforementioned paragraphs contain all the applicable details, whereby § 82 Section 2 and § 83 regulate the scope of the relevant costs, and § 84 covers liability for living expenses. In addition to food, accommodation, clothing and other basic necessities, living expenses also include care in the event of illness and costs for nursing care. In addition, you are also liable for any associated costs which may be incurred if the foreign visitor has to be deported.


A visa can only be extended for good reason in particular exceptional cases. The local German aliens’ registration office at the place of residence where the foreign visitor is staying is solely responsible for extending visas. A decision as to whether a visa can be extended during a stay in Germany is passed by this public authority alone.



You can pay the insurance premiums conveniently either by credit card or by giving us authorisation to debit the amount from your German bank account.


The insurance cover begins during the agreed period of insurance upon entry into a country in the agreed area of validity, and ends with the conclusion of the arranged trip; it ends at the latest, however, on the previously agreed date.

The insurance policy expires 12 months following the date of issue.