MAWISTA Expatcare

Health insurance for foreign employees temporarily working in Germany

In case of unexpected illness or an accident, a health insurance policy protects you from incalculably high medical costs.


69 €

per month

Insurance benefits

Long term vacationer
World traveler

Who is entitled?

MAWISTA Expatcare is a high-quality health insurance for temporary stays in Germany.

Sufficient health insurance coverage is required by law.

The health insurance applies to Germany and is aimed at people who are temporarily in Germany for professional reasons.

Insurance card for expats

MAWISTA insurance card

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The innovative insurance card for Incoming Students makes your life easier. You can use it as a proof of identity when consulting a doctor. 

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Expatcare at a glance

Insurance benefits

Expatcare Classic Expatcare Comfort Expatcare Premium
24/7 medical assistance
Outpatient treatment by a physician
Inpatient treatment in a hospital, including surgeries
Transportation to the nearest suitable hospital
Repatriation costs for the funeral up to 25,000 €
Medication prescribed by a physician
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Waiting period pregnancy treatments
3 months
3 months
3 months
Waiting period child birth
8 months
8 months
8 months
Medical treatments (e.g. massages)
Medical aid required as a result of an accident (without visual aids) per insurance year
250 €
1,000 €
2,000 €
Pain-killing dental treatment per insurance year
500 €
1,000 €
2,500 €
Dentures repair and temporary solutions per insurance year (max. 250 €)
250 €
250 €
250 €
Dentures and orthodontic services within three years (8 month waiting period)
60% up to 3,000 €
Note limits
80% up to 5,000 €
Note limits
Psychotherapy sessions, 80% of the invoiced amount, per insurance year
Visual aids (8 month waiting period)
50 € year
300 € one-time
Medical check-ups for early detection of cancer

incl. U1-U9 for kids
Vaccinations in accordance with the recommendation of the Standing Committee on Immunisation (STIKO)
Deductible worldwide excluding USA/Canada (per insurance year)
0 €
0 €
0 €
Terms and conditions
Deductible worldwide including USA/Canada (per insurance year)
500 €
500 €
500 €
Terms and conditions

Monthly Rates

Excluding USA/Canada monthly premium per person:
Expatcare Classic
Expatcare Comfort
Expatcare Premium
up to 40 years
69 €
89 €
139 €
41 to 55 years
79 €
109 €
159 €
56 to 60 years
228 €
298 €
329 €
Including USA/Canada monthly premium per person:
Expatcare Classic
Expatcare Comfort
Expatcare Premium
up to 40 years
148 €
198 €
323 €
41 to 55 years
185 €
248 €
373 €
56 to 60 years
570 €
745 €
823 €
Payment methods



per month

Expatcare Classic

from 69.00€ per month

Expatcare Comfort

For just 20€ more you get all insurance benefits of the tarif Expatcare Classic and additionally:

from 89.00€ per month

Expatcare Premium

You get all the insurance benefits of the tariff Expatcare Classic and additionally:

From 139,00€ per month

Our service

MAWISTA Expatcare offers you for a duration of up to 5 years reliable insurance coverage with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Thanks to our quick and competent service, after the verification you will receive your contract documents within 24 hours. If you have questions about the MAWISTA Expatcare health insurance, our staff will be glad to assist you in person.

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What do I need to know about health insurance tariffs?

MAWISTA Expatcare insures foreign visitors in Germany for up to five years and up to three months worldwide. Exceptions are: If you choose a tariff that excludes the USA and Canada, you cannot stay there longer than 42 days.

If you are already insured with MAWISTA Expatcare, we recommend that your family members also take out MAWISTA Expatcare if they will be living in Germany for more than six months. The maximum contract term for MAWISTA Expatcare is 5 years. MAWISTA Expatcare has the advantage that it covers the costs of U1-U9 check-ups for children in addition to vaccinations as recommended by STIKO (Standing Vaccination Committee). If your family will be staying for less than six months, MAWISTA Visum is the better choice.

Each family member must take out insurance separately. We do not offer family insurance that covers several people.

What do I do if I fall ill or have an accident?

If the illness is minor (for example, you have the flu, headaches or have had a minor accident), we recommend you visit a general practitioner in your local area. The doctor who treats you can then refer you to a specialist if need be. If you have toothache, you should go straight to a dentist.

If you have severe pain, a serious accident or need to see someone outside of normal opening hours (for example at the weekend), please visit an on-call doctor's practice that offers an emergency service or a hospital. If you need to stay in hospital as an inpatient (e.g. for an operation), contact your insurer immediately. In this case, your insurer's emergency call centre team will clarify the details of how the costs will be covered directly with the hospital. The advantage of this is that you do not need to pay high hospital bills as the insurer will pay your costs directly.

Our emergency call centre team are available 24 hours a day:
Tel.: +49 89 6242 4496
Fax: +49 89 6242 4246

The prerequisite for obtaining a declaration of cost acceptance is the treatment of an acute illness (no previous illness) that is medically necessary and cannot be postponed.

Please submit the following documents so we can check that you meet these prerequisites:

  • Detailed report on findings by the doctor who ordered the operation
  • Medical history
  • Symptoms
  • Information about when the operation will take place
  • Information about where the operation will take place

How do I submit a bill?

Please use our claim form to submit your bill and make sure you complete it in full. Once you have sent the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via email.  The insurer will then check whether your bill can be refunded and deal with the rest.

So they can check hospital bills, your insurer will need the following documents:

  • Admission notification from the hospital
  • Discharge notification from the hospital
  • Bill
  • Full discharge report

What is insured; what isn’t insured?

Costs for medication will be covered provided they have been prescribed by a doctor for medically necessary treatment of an acute illness. 

Vaccinations recommended by STIKO (Standing Committee on Vaccination) are reimbursed on the MAWISTA Student Comfort tariff up to an amount of €250 per insurance term. The MAWISTA Expatcare Premium tariff also covers vaccinations recommended by STIKO.

Whether and how much deductible needs to be paid varies depending on the tariff you have chosen:

  • The MAWISTA Expatcare tariff excluding the USA/Canada does not have an excess.
  • The MAWISTA Expatcare tariff including USA/Canada has an excess of €500 per insurance year.

Example of MAWISTA Expatcare including USA/Canada:

You submit bills totalling €1,200 within one insurance year. You pay the deductible of €500. The difference of €700 is covered by the insurer.

With MAWISTA Expatcare, the insurer will generally only reimburse treatment that is medically necessary and has occurred after the start of the insurance term. Treatment for pre-existing conditions will therefore not be paid for by the insurer. 

The conditions of insurance in section 4 outline the cases where there is no insurance cover:

  1. Medical treatment and other measures ordered by a physician, where the purpose of the stay in the agreed area of validity was to seek such treatment.
  2. Medical treatment and other measures ordered by a physician that the insured person knew were necessary prior to the stay in the agreed area of validity or at the time of taking out the insurance or which he or she could have expected in the circumstances of which he or she was aware
  3. Nutriments and tonics
  4. Orthodontic treatment, dental treatment other than pain-killing treatment, repairs to dentures and provisional measures
  5. The purchase of prostheses and other medical aids; notwithstanding this, insurance cover is provided up to € 250 (€ 1.000 for MAWISTA Expatcare Comfort and €2.000 for MAWISTA Expatcare Premium) per insurance year
  6. Treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions as well as the consequences thereof
  7. Treatment of pregnancies which occurred before the commencement of insurance and for the treatment of pregnancies within the first three months after the commencement of insurance (waiting period). The special waiting period for childbirth is eight months.
  8. Treatment or accommodation caused by infirmity, need of nursing care or detention
  9. Treatment of mental or emotional disorders as well as hypnosis, psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic treatment
  10. Fees and charges which exceed the extent considered generally customary and reasonable in the country concerned and for optional benefits such as a single room or treatment by the head physician. The reimbursement may be reduced to the customary rates in the country
  11. Patient repatriation transport caused by one of the reasons mentioned under no. 1, 2, 6 and 8
  12. Prophylactic examinations and check-ups (Medical check-ups for early detection of cancer inclluded in MAWSISTA Expatcare Comfort and Premium), check-ups of children and young people (Medical check-ups U1-U9 for kids included in MAWISTA Expatcare Premium), dental check-ups and dental prophylaxis, vaccinations, as well as any charges and fees for medical certificates, reports on diagnostic findings and physician’s certificates for inability to work, which were not requested by the insurer.
  13. Injuries caused by active participation in competitions by sports organizations and the associated training

The ‘waiting period’ is the period after the insurance has commenced during which there is no entitlement to insurance benefits.

With the MAWISTA Expatcare, there is a waiting period in two cases:

  • If the insurance is taken out abroad in the first instance and it is not a continued insurance policy or you have not had an accident, there is a waiting period of 14 days before the insurance cover comes into effect.
  • Regular treatment costs for pregnancy will be reimbursed only after a waiting period of 3 months after the commencement of the insurance. Childbirth will be covered after a waiting period of 8 months.

Example: You travel to Germany on 1 January and have taken out insurance for two years. You discover you are pregnant in August. In this case, the insurance company will reimburse childbirth costs only from 1 September (after 8 months). Treatment costs will be reimbursed after a waiting period of 3 months.

If the pregnancy began before the start of the insurance cover, pregnancy treatments and childbirth are not insured.

If a pregnancy starts after the insurance cover has commenced, the MAWISTA Expatcare tariffs covers the costs of pregnancy treatments following a waiting period of 3 months and the costs of childbirth following a waiting period of 8 months.

Regardless of when the pregnancy began and waiting period, the insurer will reimburse costs of medical treatment in the case of acute pregnancy complications including miscarriage and premature birth.

We will cover you if you fall ill with COVID-19 during your stay abroad.

The following benefits are covered, provided they have been ordered by a doctor:

  • Medically necessary treatments
  • Examinations
  • Medication
  • Costs for in-patient quarantine
  • PCR test (if symptoms present)

What do I need to know about applying for and extending insurance and providing supporting documents?

To switch from another insurance company to MAWISTA Expatcare during your stay abroad, you need proof of the day you entered the country as well as proof of your previous insurance. You also need to clarify cancellation periods with your previous insurance company. You should avoid having two insurance policies running concurrently as this makes it difficult to determine who should pay.

If you have any questions, our staff would be happy to help you. You can get in touch with us from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Tel.: +49 7024 469 510

You can switch to an equivalent, higher or lower tariff within the first four weeks after your insurance has commenced or until the cancellation period of two weeks after application has expired. After this, you will only be able to switch to an equivalent or lower tariff.

If you would like to change your tariff, please send a brief email including your contract number to

Simply send us a brief email including your contract number and the number of months you would like to extend your contract for to 

If your contract has expired, you will not be able to extend the insurance term. In this case, your only option is to take out a new insurance contract.

As soon as your application is approved, you will immediately receive confirmation of your insurance via email. Our certificate is recognised as a health insurance policy by immigration authorities.

To help you obtain a residence permit from the immigration authorities, we would be happy to issue a special certificate about your private health insurance policy on request.

Yes, you can take out our insurance if you have been insured before, provided you have not lived in Germany for any longer than five years.  

We generally recommend that you apply for the maximum insurance term you can as applications to extend your contract can be refused by the insurer. Despite the longer contract term, there is still flexibility as you can cancel your insurance contract early at any time before the end of the month without giving a reason.

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