Health insurance for foreign employees in Germany
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MAWISTA Expatcare mawista employee
  • monthly payment
  • free choice of doctors and hospitals
  • up to the age of 75 years
  • minimum insurance period 1 month
  • maximum insurance period 60 months
  • comprehensive insurance cover
  • simple online-application
from 59,00
per month
for application
Who is entitled?

All persons up to the age of 75 years, temporarily (maximum of 5 years) staying in Germany:

e.g. as:

  • Freelancers
  • Employees
  • Expatriates

The insurance provides coverage for temporary stays in Germany.

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What should I know?
  • Maximum admission age: 75 years
  • Maximum insurance period: 60 months
  • Minimum insurance period: 1 month
  • Cover can be extended prior to expiry of the policy by phone, post, fax or e-mail.
    Tip: an application for a prolongation of your contract could be rejected, therefore it would be recommendable if you conclude a contract for the whole duration of your stay.
  • Method of payment: monthly
  • Cancellation: daily to the end of the actual month by fax, email or letter
  • Application possible after entry! (in this case 14 days waiting period, not applicable in case of accident or if the contract is purchased before expiration of an insurance contract that was in force starting at the beginning of the temporary stay)
  • Insurance cover exists also for temporary stays outside Germany up to 3 months (USA/Canada only if included – otherwise limited to 42 days holiday or professional reasons visits to USA / Canada)
  • No deductible (excluding USA/Canada)
The insurer

Niederlassung für Deutschland
Bahnhofstr. 16
85609 Aschheim (bei München)

Our rates
excluding US/Canada:
monthly premium per person
up to 40 years59 €79 €129 €
41 to 55 years74 €99 €149 €
56 to 75 years228 €298 €329 €
including US/Canada:
monthly premium per person
up to 40 years148 €198 €323 €
41 to 55 years185 €248 €373 €
56 to 75 years570 €745 €823 €
Insurance benefits
Outpatient treatment including medicines and dressings   
Inpatient treatment   
Aids required as a result of an accident (without visual aids),
per insurance year

max. 250 €

max. 1000 €

max. 2000 €
Visual aids
max. 50 €
per insurance year

max. 300 €
every three years
Medical Treatment (e.g. massages, fango)
per insurance year

up to 8 Treatments

up to 10 Treatments

up to 12 Treatments
Pain-Killing dental treatment
per insurance year

max. 500 €

max. 1000 €

max. 2500 €
Dentures repair and temporary solutions
per insurance year (max. 250 €)
Dentures and – exclusively for insured persons
up to the age of 18 – orthodontic services
60 %
Note limits
80 %
Note limits
Transport costs to the nearest suitable hospital   
Pregnancy, childbirth and their implications   
Repatriation costs of mortal remains to home country (max. 25.000,- €)   
Repatriation to home country   
80 % up to 6 treatments

80 % up to 12 treatments
Crisis intervention for mental disorders
(inpatient treatment up to 14 days)
Medical check-ups

Deductible worldwide excluding US/Canada
(per insurance year)
0 €0 €0 €
Deductible worldwide including US/Canada
(per insurance year)
500 €500 €500 €


What restrictions on the coverage have to be considered?

Not insured are e.g.*:

  • Medical treatment and other measures ordered by a physician, where the purpose of the stay in the agreed area of validity was to seek such treatment.
  • Medical treatment and other measures ordered by a physician that the insured person knew were necessary prior to the stay in the agreed area of validity or at the time of taking out the insurance or which he or she could have expected in the circumstances of which he or she was aware.
  • Nutriments and tonics.
  • Orthodontic treatment, dental treatment other than pain-killing treatment, repairs to dentures and provisional measures. Notwithstanding this, the tariffs Comfort and Premium provide coverage within the scope described in § 2 No. 1 f) VB K E MEX.
  • The purchase of prostheses and other medical aids; notwithstanding this, insurance cover is provided for aids and visual aids required as a result of an accident within the scope described in § 2 No. 1 h) und i) VB K E MEX.
  • Treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions as well as the consequences thereof.
  • Treatment of pregnancies which occurred before the commencement of insurance and for the treatment of
    pregnancies within the first eight months after the commencement of insurance (waiting period). Irrespective of the time the pregnancy occurred and the waiting period, the insurer will reimburse the costs of medical treatment for acute complications to the pregnancy, including miscarriage and premature birth.
  • Treatment or accommodation caused by infirmity, need of nursing care or detention.
  • Treatment of mental or emotional disorders as well as hypnosis, psychoanalytical and psychotherapeutic treatment; contrary to this exclusion, insurance protection is provided for psychotherapeutic treatment and inpatient crisis intervention, depending on the selected tariff within the limits described in the tariff table.
  • Fees and charges which exceed the extent considered generally customary and reasonable in the country concerned and for optional benefits such as a single room or treatment by the head physician, insofar as not otherwise agreed in the tariff in question (see tariff table). The reimbursement may be reduced to the customary rates in the country.
  • Patient repatriation transport caused by one of the reasons mentioned under no. §4 1, 2, 6 and 8. VB K MEX
  • Prophylactic examinations and check-ups, check-ups of children and young people, dental check-ups and dental prophylaxis, vaccinations, insofar as not otherwise agreed for the tariff in question pursuant to the tariff table, as well as any charges and fees for medical certificates, reports on diagnostic findings and physician’s certificates for inability to work, which were not requested by the insurer.

* Legally binding are the conditions of insurance of the Allianz Worldwide Partners (AWP P&C S.A.), München. Download the terms and conditions MAWISTA Expatcare Classic incl. USA – Canadaexcl. USA – Canada. / Expatcare Comfort incl. USA – Canada ; excl. USA – Canada. / Expatcare Premium incl. USA – Canada or excl. USA – Canada.

Important refernces in the case of a claim of the health insurance

The benefits of the tariff are limited to acute, curative treatments of newly occurred diseases.

On stationary treatment in a hospital, before extensive ambulatory treatment or stationary diagnostic and therapeutic treatment, as well as prior to the release of a payment acknowledgment, please contact the emergency assistance centre without delay:

24 hour emergency hotline:
Telephone +49 (0) 89 6 24 24 – 4 96
Telefax +49 (0) 89 6 24 24 – 2 46

Together with your insurance contract you will receive treatment documents to hand over to the doctor in case of an incident. Please hand over the treatment papers before the actual treatment begins.

With outpatient treatments, the doctor will give you an invoice afterwards. Please visit always a general practitioner before consulting medical specialists.

The bills must include the following details: the name of the treated person, a description of the illness, details about the treatment and a list of the medical services provided and the associated costs. Prescriptions must include the following details: the prescribed medication, prices and the chemist’s official stamp.

The proceeding time for refunding the expenses will be about 2 weeks.

Notificate claims online under report the damage

Health insurance for Foreign nationals in Germany

Basically, in Germany exists a compulsory insurance in the health and nursing care. Any person who has a permanent residence permit in Germany is committed to insure in a public health or a private health insurance. These two health insurance plans are exactly the same way as the residence permit applied for an indefinite period. If, for example, there is a compulsory insurance because of a contract of employment, the person has to be insured with a statutory health insurance.

People who are living only temporarily in Germany and have a temporary residence permit, can insure themselves as part of a foreign health insurance. The foreign health insurance is a temporary insurance cover and not suitable to replace the statutory health insurance. By law a maximum contract term of no more than 60 months (taking into account similar contracts with other insurers) is allowed for this type of protection. The insurance coverage of MAWISTA Expatcare tariffs corresponds to the coverage of the statutory health insurance, but the insurance does not equal. The contribution determination is, for example, regardless of income.

If the residence permit while staying in Germany is changing from a temporary to a permanent residence permit (habitual residence then Germany) the insurance contract needs to be terminated. Let us know if your residence changes and try out in a timely fashion other insurance protection.

Scope of tariffs *:

The insurance covers acute and unexpected medical care. The insurance covers the outpatient treatment including medications required for treatment. A hospital stay is covered. For the reimbursement of the costs of pregnancy and childbirth, dental treatment waiting periods have been agreed.

Insurance does not cover, for example, the cost of pre-existing diseases and ailments.

Coverage is provided in Germany. For holiday or work-related interruptions to the insured stay in Germany, worldwide insurance protection is provided for up to three months per insurance year. Exception US/Canada – there is coverage for holiday or business visits for max 42 days per insurance year. For longer stays in USA/Canada it will be necessary to extend the coverage for this region.

* legally binding are the conditions of the temporary health insurance after MAWISTA Expatcare for long-term travel and the respective associated tariffs (tables).

In case of illness:

You will receive an invoice from the treating physician. For medicine the doctor gives you a prescription, the pharmacy will confirm on the prescription then the price of the medicine. Medical bills and recipe muste be sent in original and quoting your contract number to the insurer for reimbursement. The processing time is usually 10 working days. Upon receipt of the refund amount please pay the medical bill directly to the doctor.

If you are admitted as an inpatient in the hospital, please notify the insurer immediately. The insurer then clarifies the assumption of the costs directly with the hospital. On request, your family member(s) in your home country will be informed.

Foreigners department:

Periodically people with a temporary residence permit in Germany need to renew their residence permit. The foreigners department has to consider if there is an “adequate health insurance protection” is purchased and valid for your whole stay. For this purpose you will automatically receive with the insurance documents an “confirmation for submission to authorities”. The insurance coverage “MAWISTA Expatcare” is recognized by the immigration authorities, as long as it is still a temporary stay in Germany of up to maximum 60 months. To get information on the exact scope of the necessary health insurance coverage, please directly contact your foreigners’ registration office in charge. You can ask for the mandatory confirmation in advance, so you can send it to us and we will be delighted to fill it out for you.

Duration of the contracts:

In the online application, you decide how long (1-60 months) you would apply for your insurance contract. Note the following:
The insurance coverage is not automatically renewed. The insurance coverage ends at the end of the insurance period you have chosen. An extension is possible by request (consider maximum contract duration) prior to the expiration of the original contract period. Such an extension application may be rejected by the insurer. Therefore we always recommend to apply for the maximum insurance period right at the beginning. A termination of the insurance contract is possible at any time to the end of the actual month.
The maximum admission age is limited in all tariffs to 75 years.

Contract documents:

All tariffs can be ordered conveniently online. A German delivery address is required. Immediately after conclusion you will receive a request confirmation email.
On working days you usually will receive the contract documents on the same day. They will be sent as a PDF file to the specified email address. The documents include: Insurance policy, submission confirmation for authorities and the legally binding terms of insurance.

If you need any advice or just have questions about our tariffs, please call us. Outside office hours, please send us a short email. We wish you a pleasant stay in Germany.