As long ago as 1997, the two parent companies developed an insurance product specially tailored to meet the needs of foreign language students, students in general, trainees and guest scientists. Over 300,000 people from this customer group have decided in favour of our products, making us one of the leading insurance brokers in the travel insurance sector. The tariff rates Student Comfort® and Student Classic®, well-known and popular at training colleges, language schools and scientific institutes, are now available under the name MAWISTA® Student.
We are also focusing on other areas and expanding our range of products. We look forward to presenting the following new products, to name just a few, in the near future:

  • MAWISTA® – Visa
  • MAWISTA® – Holiday
  • MAWISTA® – Science
  • MAWISTA® – Expatcare
  • MAWISTA® – Reisecare
  • MAWISTA® – Student

This makes us your contact partner, able to provide a comprehensive, single-source insurance package, and responsible for providing all your protection needs abroad.