For foreign students, guest scientists, language students and trainees in Germany
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MAWISTA Reisecare mawista reisecare
  • up to 365 days
  • conclusion of a contract daily possible
  • suitable for follow-up coverage
  • without stipulated self-retention
  • low premiums
  • up to the age of 80 years


Online: You can take out your insurance over the Internet using our online form. Simply enter your personal details. As result the system shows you your personal details and your insurance policy number. Than the contract was successful completed.

Post or fax: Simply download the German-English application form as a PDF file, complete it, and then send it by post or fax it to the address on the form. Application as PDF file You will receive your insurance policy after a few days (it can also be sent by fax or e-mail upon request). Application form as pdf file