Blocked account for foreign students in Germany that meets visa requirements

MAWISTA Blocked Account

Blocked Account

from €4.90 per month

Blocked account that meets visa requirements for the following groups of people

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MAWISTA Blocked Account

from €4.90 per month

International students in Germany

Welcome to the MAWISTA Blocked Account

Foreign students are often required by the authorities to provide proof of sufficient financial means in order to apply for a visa or residence permit in Germany. This is intended to ensure that students are able to pay for their studies and living costs while in Germany.

They can provide this proof in the form of a blocked account. A legally stipulated minimum amount must be deposited into this account in advance for each month the person will be resident. Once the student has entered Germany, the stipulated minimum monthly amount will then be available to them to access each month.

MAWISTA Blocked Account is a blocked account for international guests in Germany. It explicitly meets the requirements of embassies and consulates for a Schengen visa. In this instance, MAWISTA cooperates with Fintiba, one of the leading digital fintech providers.

In addition to the blocked account, health insurance is also needed for a Schengen visa to be issued. As a private health insurance plan, MAWISTA Visum is the ideal complement to ensure a seamless start to your life in Germany. If you will be studying at a university, we recommend then switching to the MAWISTA Student Pro tariff.


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MAWISTA and Fintiba can offer you a blocked account for your stay in Germany at a good price-performance ratio.

Thanks to our fast and competent service, you will receive your documents within 24 hours once your application has been checked. As we know that you need flexibility, you can pay your premiums monthly and can cancel your policy at the end of any month if needed.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the tariff

What are the basic prerequisites for applying for the visa?

Both basic prerequisites that need to be met when applying for the visa are included in the Blocked Account package:

1. Proof of sufficient financing for your studies in Germany: this element is covered by the Fintiba blocked account.

2. Proof of sufficient health insurance cover: This is covered by the MAWISTA Visum tariff to an unlimited amount for the insured medical benefits. It even exceeds the amount of 30,000 euros stipulated by consulates and embassies for visa insurance.

Do I need private or statutory health insurance?

In principle, you can take out either private or statutory health insurance for your studies. 

The decision to opt for either statutory health insurance or private health insurance is binding for the duration of your studies. You therefore need to carefully consider which type of health insurance best suits you.

You can use our student tariff finder to easily find the right tariff for you.

Do I need incoming health insurance?

You will need incoming insurance if you arrive in Germany before your actual enrolment date. Statutory health insurance only provides cover if you fall ill after you have enrolled. This means that you would not be insured for the days or weeks between your arrival date and the actual start of your studies.

An incoming insurance plan is an affordable, effective way to protect against this risk. 

One very good incoming insurance plan is MAWISTA Visum. This meets all requirements for the Schengen visa and is recognised by the authorities.