Mawista Scholarship

Mawista Scholarship

Want to study abroad but have financial difficulties? We can help!

Mawista Scholarship is one of the easiest ways to get a leg up so you can pursue your studies abroad. We do not discriminate based on country of origin, field of study, or even level of academic achievement, but focus solely on the adherence to the Scholarship’s contest rules each year, and the will of international students to study in Germany or Germans to study abroad.

You can win a Mawista Scholarship of 1 000 EURO.

It is our company’s mission to assist students in achieving academic excellence, through our products as well as both our online and off-line services.

Each year we redefine the requirements to our contest. We make sure we always use up-to-date methods of reaching as many people as possible, be it via social media, viral marketing campaigns, or simply word of mouth. To be up-to-date regarding our products and services, including scholarship opportunities, please like us on Facebook.

Currently running a scholarship contest:


  1. Okonkwo christopher Tochukwu

    I have liked the mawista on my facebook and friends and public will go through it.

  2. Ashinie Bogale Gonfa

    I am a foreign student and costumer of Mawista and eager to win the scholarship also

  3. Emmanuel Ayah

    I am happy to be a member of the Mavista Health Insurance Scheme.I have enjoyed much benefit with Scheme with low cost.However I earnestly need financial support to pursue my master program at University of Bonn.I am currently a student at University of Bonn.I hope, I am the winner of this scholarship offered by Mavista to student.

    Thank you Mavista for your financial support.

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