Extension of a Schengen Visa

An extension of a Schengen Visa is only possible in certain cases. Which ones these are depends on the category of the visa.

Extension of stay in the Schengen area

Schengen visas can only be extended if there is sufficient reason. Schengen Category C visas are issued for a short period of time and for a specific purpose in any case. Therefore, there are few reasons that would justify an extension. The National Visa (D), on the other hand, is bound to a specific Schengen state from the outset and is issued for a longer-term purpose of stay. Accordingly, there are more valid reasons for an extension of this visa.

Take Note

The application for an extension of a stay must be made before expiry of the visa, since a valid permission to stay is required upon application.

General checklist for a request for extension

Extension of a Short-Term Schengen Visa (C)

Renewal of a category C Schengen visa is only possible:
In exceptional cases
Force majeure, humanitarian or serious personal reasons that prevent timely departure.

Example of force majeure: Air traffic is cancelled due to bad weather or a strike.

Example of humanitarian reasons: Due to illness, you are incapacitated for travel or a serious event of a close family member makes departure intolerable.

Example of serious personal reasons: There are urgent professional reasons that were unforeseeable before entering the country.

In case of late entry
Due to a later entry, the Schengen visa could not be fully utilized. The visa can be extended to the extent that you can spend 90 days in the Schengen area.

Take Note

The conversion into a long-term permission to stay is not provided for and therefore only possible if:

  • there is a legal entitlement to a residence permit under the residence law of the respective country.
  • this legal claim came into effect only after entry into the respective Schengen state.


The extension fees for a Category C Schengen visa vary according to the reason and frequency of the application:
First extension
Free of cost in case of:

– force majeure
– humanitarian reasons

30 EUR in case of:

– serious personal reasons
– late entry
Second extension
60 EUR for adults

30 EUR for minors

Extension of a National Schengen Visa (D)

National Schengen visas are typically issued with a validity of three, six or 12 months. For stays longer than the duration of the visa, you must apply for a residence permit in the country. The application should be submitted to the immigration authority two months (at least 4-6 weeks) before the visa expires. An earlier conversion of the visa into a residence permit is not possible.

Possible reasons for the issuance of a residence permit:

  • Humanitarian reasons
  • Study, education or research
  • Employment or self-employment, or stay as an Au Pair
  • Job search for professional specialists
In essence, two types of residence permits are applicable for the purpose of extending a stay: the regular residence permit of the country concerned or, in member states of the European Union, the EU Blue Card. The EU Blue Card is an alternative to a residence permit for higher school graduates or professionals whose residence is to be extended for professional reasons.

Residence Permit

The residence permit is a temporary right of residence.
Target group
Anyone who can demonstrate sufficient grounds for long-term residence (see above)
Anyone who can prove sufficient reasons for a long-term stay (see above)
Less stringent requirements need to be met and the reasons for granting are manifold.
An unlimited residence permit can only be acquired after five years (provided that all conditions are met).
Depending on the country and the reason of stay

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is usually valid 3 months longer than your employment contract and for a maximum of 4 years
Target group
Professionals with completed and recognized university study
  • An employment contract or a binding job offer is present.
  • The minimum salary requirement is met. The prescribed amount varies depending on the country and occupational group.
The deadline for obtaining an unlimited residence permit is shortened (33 months, with sufficient language skills even starting at 21 months)
Depends on the country

Permanent Residence Permit

A temporary residence permit may be converted into a permanent residence permit (settlement permit) after the prescribed time and subject to compliance with all regulations. Again, there are different options:

Permanent residence in the EU:

Temporally and spatially unlimited right to permanent residence in the entire EU area. The conditions are similar to the settlement permit, but more stringent.

Possible reasons for the issuance of a residence permit:

Temporally and spatially unlimited right to permanent residence. Prerequisites are a secure livelihood, sufficient living space, possession of a residence permit for five years, no criminal liability or conviction, and sufficient knowledge of the national language and society.