Die Top 14 sehenswertesten Orte in Kroatien

Top 14 places to visit in Croatia

Croatia is a very popular country for spending one’s holidays. The clear blue water and the warm temperatures are perfect for the summer holidays.

Croatia is a very popular country for spending one’s holidays especially in Europe. The clear blue water and the warm temperatures are perfect for the summer holidays. Besides this the country has many other interesting places. It starts with impressing countryside, which can be seen in national parks and goes on to historically important cities and ruins. It is worth looking further than to the side of one’s towel at the beach. We show you some of the most beautiful sights in Croatia.

Top 1: National Park Plitvice Lakes

The national park Plitvice Lakes is the oldest and largest national park in Croatia. It is located in the north of the country. In 1979 it was made UNESCO world cultural heritage. The park is famous for its lakes as can be seen in the name. These lakes were formed from numerous rivers, floating together. The park includes numerous plants and animals. For example there are still wild bears and wolves, also many snakes, fish and birds have found a home in the park. A daytrip is a special adventure if going on the tracks of Carl May movies, which were produced here.

Top 2: Diocletian’s Palace in Split

The Diocletian’s Palace forms the ancient city of Split, a Croatian harbor city. The Palace was named UNESCO world cultural heritage and was built from 295 till 305 AD. The Palace is rectangular and surrounded by walls. Today the Diocletian mausoleum, the Jupiter Temple, the pillars and the gateway are highlights of the building. Numerous museums and galleries inside the Palace make history become alive and show how everything has looked in the past and what functions the Temple had.

Top 3: City of Dubrovnik

​Dubrovnik is also called the most beautiful city in the Mediterranean area. Besides its cultural side it becomes a Hotspot for High Society. Especially worth seeing is the ancient city surrounded by walls. No cars are allowed here and as soon as setting a foot through the gates one feels as being in the past. Many ancient buildings are still in a good condition and many churches and museums can be visited. The walls surrounding the city allow to walk around the whole area and give a spectacular view to the city and the sea.

Top 4: Pula Arena

The Pula Arena is an amphitheater in the city of Pula in Croatia. It is the sixth biggest amphitheater in the world and offers space for 23.000 visitors. It was built between 2 BC and 14 AD. Today it has a size of 132 to 105 meters. It is used for events in music, film and theatre today because of its brilliant acoustic. Some popular people have already performed here for example Julia Iglesias, Elton John and Alanis Morisette.

Top 5: Krka National Park

Krka National Park is famous because of the river Krka and its numerous waterfalls. These provide a breathtaking picture and decorate many holiday pictures. In this fantastic area some parts of the Winnetou movies were filmed. There are many routes that lead through the beautiful countryside of Croatia. For those who love nature or walking the Krka National Park is a great chance to take a trip.

Top 6: Trogir

The historic town of Trogir and the harbor are located in the South of Croatia next to the city of Split. It was made UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1997 and has many historical buildings. Trogir is very special concerning the architecture. It is still in a really good condition and shows Romance and Gothic buildings. In the ancient city which is surrounded by walls there are numerous churches, a castle, houses and palaces from different periods covering everything from Romance to Baroque.
The most important sights are the church of St. Lawrence, the city gate, the Fortress Kamerlengo, The Duke’s Palace, the big and small palaces from Cipiko and the city loggia.

Top 7: Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and is located in the North of the country. The central square is called Ban Jelačić Square and is sight and meeting point in one. One can look at typical Croatian life, go to the market or look at the monument of Ban Josip Jelačić. The statue shows the Ban on his horse and was built in 1866. In 1947 it was removed from communist governance and saved by Antun Bauer. He put the statue in his gallery so it couldn’t be destroyed and in 1990 it was brought to the former place. For many people the square is a place to meet each other and to relax.

Top 8: Solin

Not far from Split there is a small city called Solin, which contains some very interesting archaeological sites. The city was very important in the ancient world and the remains of the former power can still be seen. The most important sight are the ruins of the Roman Forum with temple and theater, the remains of the Roman Porta Caesarea and the city walls, the ruins of the amphitheater, some churches and a graveyard. There is also a building of the archaeological museum of Split.
The many hundred year old stones look best when the sun sets and puts a romantic light on everything.

Top 9: Hum – The smallest city in the world

The city Hum is the smallest city in the world that can still be called city. It only has 24 habitants but everything a big city does need. Beginning with a city wall and ending with a winehouse and a church. With its historical buildings it is a tourist attraction and fascinated people. The few people who relly live here survive because of the tourists and every year more people come to see this small but beautiful city.

Top 10: Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni Islands are some small islands in the North-West of Croatia. The national park includes 14 of these islands but only the biggest island can be visited by tourists. It contains hotels, to allow tourists to enjoy the nature for some days. Those interested in animals can observe some of them in compounds. The island also has some interesting archaeological sites for example dinosaur bones or Roman buildings. In the late 18th century there was a malaria epidemic on the island. After eradicating the mosquito the island could be settled again. Today the park is more and more crowded by tourists. Hotels and gulf sites are built and visitors can circle the island with an electric train in four hours.

Top 11: Klis

A true secret is the Klis Fortress. It isn’t crowded by tourists but provides a breathtaking view across the countryside, Split and the sea. The fortress was built to monitor an important road to the inland. It was therefore very important in ancient times and was conquered many times. Through the time there were many different conquerors in the fortress, giving it many different faces. Today the impressive fortress can be visited by tourists.

Top 12: Paklenica National Park

The national park is the perfect destination for a daytrip, because it is located not far away from the sea. During a beach holiday one can drive there for one day and have a look at the impressive nature. There can be seen high peaks, cliffy rocks, deep forests and mysterious caves. The park is also a great destination for families with kids to give some change from the daily beach routine. Besides its countryside the park is also famous for its animals. Many rare and protected animals have found shelter here.

Top 13: Lim Canal

The Lim Canal also called Limski Canal is a small valley of the river Pazinčica who formed the canal through thousands of years. Its name results from the Roman boarder Limes that was built there in ancient times. It is a special adventure to do a boat trip on the river and with some luck one can see dolphins there, searching for food. Another adventure is a sightseeing flight, then one can see the countryside and the Canal from a different point of view.

Top 14: Velebit Mountains

The Velebit is amountain range in Croatia perfectly made for those who love trekking. With 145 kilometers it is the largest mountain range in Croatia and it is located at the coastline. A breathtaking countryside, great view to the sea and the country and many interesting caves make these mountains unique. There are also numerous legends and myths concerning the Velebit mountains. If one knows these legends the walking is even more exciting.