Scholarship Studying with child 2021/22: Winner Announcement

Gewinner Stipendium Studium mit Kind Ahmed Basal

From 15.02.22 up to and including 01.03.22 the online voting for the MAWISTA scholarship “studying abroad with a child” took place. Five talented organizers from all over the world were available to vote. With their decision to study abroad with a child, all candidates have shown special courage and willpower. The lucky winner of the … Read more

The Social Security Number

What is the social security number and what do you need it for? Registration with the pension insurance is mandatory for all employees in Germany. In the course of registering with the pension insurance, you will be assigned your social security number. It is your personal identification number for the pension insurance and consists of … Read more

The digital Corona vaccination certificate

Germany started vaccinations against Covid-19 at the end of 2020. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 50,600,451 of the people in Germany have been fully vaccinated to date (status 02.09.2021). More than 100 million vaccine doses were administered for this purpose.   In the meantime, anyone who has been fully vaccinated can have a digital Corona … Read more

Private health insurance while studying at an university

If you want to take out private health insurance, you will need to apply for an exemption from statutory health insurance. You can apply to any statutory German health insurance provider (e.g. AOK or BARMER) to obtain this exemption within the first 3 months after you start your studies. It is valid for the entire study … Read more

Differences between private and statutory health insurance

The statutory health insurance as well as the private health insurance differ primarily in the services provided and the premiums to be paid.   Monthly costs Statutory health insurance: from approx. €100.00 Private health insurance: from approx. €30.00 Insurance cover Private health insurance: You will be reimbursed for the costs of treatment for illnesses and … Read more

Procedure for visiting a doctor

What you need to do if you get ill or injured In Germany, you should only go to a hospital’s emergency department if you need urgent medical care in an emergency. If you have an illness or injury that is not classed as an emergency, the normal course of action is to go to see … Read more

When is a private health insurance and when a statutory health insurance an option for you?

In the German healthcare system, statutory health insurances is provided by the state and private health insurance is provided by privately owned insurers. The main difference between these two types of insurance is the level of cover provided and the amount of premium you will pay. If you are coming to Germany to study, then … Read more

How to identify good health insurance cover

A good health insurance provider is characterised by appropriate benefits and quality of service. We recommend that you check whether the following services are included in the tariff: Medical care by email, by phone and in person Outpatient treatments by a doctor of your choice: Outpatient treatments are treatments without the patient being admitted to … Read more

5 free useful tools for students

Managing multiple tasks during your studies can be very time-consuming and stressful. That’s why we present five tools to simplify and increase effectiveness.   1. DeepL : DeepL is considered as one of the world’s best machine translators. It is free to use up to a text length of 5,000 characters. In addition, the tool makes … Read more

Payment options for insurance premiums


Obligations of the insured person One of the most important obligations of the insured person is to pay the premiums due on time. MAWISTA offers SEPA direct debit, credit card or bank transfer as payment options.   The premium for MAWISTA insurance is due for the first time at the start of the insurance contract … Read more



Deductible is a term frequently used in the insurance industry. Here you can find out exactly what it means, when it applies and in which MAWISTA tariffs deductibles are included. 1. What does the term deductible mean? The term deductible means that the policyholder has to pay a contractually agreed amount by himself in the … Read more

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