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The social security number

The social security number

What is the social security number and what do you need it for?

Registration with the pension insurance is mandatory for all employees in Germany. In the course of registering with the pension insurance, you will be assigned your social security number. It is also called pension insurance number and is your personal identification number for the pension insurance and consists of 12 numbers and letters:

  • The digits 1 and 2 correspond to the area number of the awarding authority
  • The digits 3 to 8 are composed of your date of birth
  • Digit 9 is the first letter of your birth name
  • Digits 10 and 11 are the serial number
  • The last and 12th digit is the check digit

When and where do I get my social security number?

  1. Your employer takes over the registration with the pension insurance
    If your employer registers you for pension insurance, your personal social security number will be conveniently sent to you by mail. You should therefore inform your contact person at the company in advance that this is your first job.
  2. You must apply for your social security number yourselfSome companies instruct their (future) employees to apply for the social security number themselves before starting employment. Where you get the number varies depending on your employment.

    Minijob / marginal employment
    If you have a mini-job or marginal employment, you apply for the social security number at the Minijob-Zentrale

    Working student
    As a working student, you apply for the social security number via a statutory health insurance company of your choice. Please note: a private health insurance company (e.g. MAWISTA) cannot apply for or issue a social security card, even if you have health insurance there.

    More than 520 € per month / full time
    If you earn more than 520 € per month or work full-time, you have to take out statutory health insurance. You can also apply for your social security number via the statutory health insurance of your choice. If you have not yet switched to a statutory health insurance, we will inform you here free of charge about what you need to consider, introduce you to our two partners in the field of statutory health insurance and enable you to easily conclude a contract in just a few clicks.

How long does it take to get your Social Security card?

It usually takes between two and four weeks to receive your social security card by mail from the German Pension Insurance. If you need confirmation that a social security card has been applied for, the statutory health insurance fund can issue you with a confirmation on request.

You can also obtain further information by calling the free service number of the German Pension Insurance: 0800-10004800.