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Our MAWISTA insurance policies cover pandemics such as COVID-19. You are covered by your insurance should you fall ill due to COVID-19.


Insurance cover for coronavirus / COVID-19 infections

If you travel or stay abroad for professional reasons, e.g. due to your studies, you will be covered by your insurance even if the Federal Foreign Office issues a travel warning. You will therefore also be reimbursed for treatment costs incurred due to sickness caused by COVID-19.

Holiday travel is only insured under certain conditions

If the Federal Foreign Office issues a travel warning, non-essential travels (e.g. holidays) are only insured under certain conditions or not at all. For further information please read the overview below.

MAWISTA health insurance

When does the travel health insurance cover COVID-19?

Travel for business and academic reasons is covered despite travel warning

Even if the Federal Foreign Office issues a travel warning, anyone travelling or staying abroad for business reasons is covered by the MAWISTA insurance policies. The same applies to students who are studying abroad.

The insurer may request proof of the professional nature of the trip (e.g. customer order, proof of registration with a university or language school).


Holiday and non-essential travel is only insured under certain conditions if a travel warning has been issued

The Federal Foreign Office issues a warning before you travel

If a travel warning had already been issued prior to you entering the affected country, you do not have any health insurance cover in the respective country or region.

The Federal Foreign Office issues a warning whilst you are travelling or staying abroad

If no travel warning was in place at the time you entered the country and a new travel warning is issued, the insurance cover ends 7 or 14 days (depending on the level of cover) after the announcement of the travel warning.

Nevertheless, the health insurance cover remains valid for as long as you are unable to leave the country (e.g. because your return flight has been cancelled). However, you must leave the country as soon as this is possible.

You can read the current travel warnings on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Assumption of costs for medically prescribed coronavirus tests

The insurer only covers the costs of a COVID-19 test if a recognised doctor has prescribed it due to existing symptoms. The costs for a preventive COVID-19 test without prescription by a doctor are not covered by insurance.

The costs for Corona tests performed as a requirement for entering a country are not covered as this is not a medical necessity.

Corona tests for returning travellers

The insurer only covers the costs of a Corona test for returning travellers if a recognised doctor has prescribed a COVID-19 test.

The insurer does not cover the costs for a test if it was ordered by an authority.

Assumption of costs for sickness caused by COVID-19 abroad

The insurer generally assumes the necessary medical treatment costs for acute conditions or accidents abroad in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

The costs for treatment by a doctor or hospital for sickness caused by the coronavirus whilst you are staying abroad are also covered by your insurance.

Please read the cases in which your insurance covers such treatment if the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning.

These treatments for COVID-19 are covered if prescribed by a doctor:

Emergency telephone number

We are here to help you in an emergency

The staff of the emergency hotline can advise you in the choice of a doctor or hospital and coordinate the assumption of the costs with the facility directly.

Please contact the emergency hotline if you fall ill with COVID-19 whilst abroad

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