MAWISTA health insurance for COVID-19

Here you will find answers about insurance coverage for COVID-19 diseases, testing options, entry restrictions, vaccination and much more.

Insurance coverage

COVID-19 diseases

If you travel or stay abroad for professional reasons, e.g. for your studies, you are covered by insurance, even if the German Foreign Office issues a travel warning. This means that you will also be reimbursed for the treatment costs of a COVID-19 illness.

If the Foreign Office issues a travel warning for tourist trips, non-essential trips (e.g. vacations) are only insured to a limited extent or not at all. As a student or expat abroad, the stay is not considered a tourist trip. Therefore, full insurance coverage exists here as well.

We have prepared further information in the overview below. 

Quick overview

COVID-19 entry in pandemic

Testing possibilities and entry restrictions

Entry restrictions

The Coronavirus Entry Ordinance regulates nationwide registration, quarantine, and testing requirements, as well as the prohibition of transportation from virus-variant areas.

Test options

Performing COVID-19 tests helps to detect infected individuals and break transmission chains. Find out the most important information about testing options and types of tests here.

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the tariff

Travel warning
Professional / academic travel is insured despite travel warning

Even if the German Foreign Office issues a travel warning for tourist trips: anyone who travels or spends time abroad on business is covered by health insurance with the MAWISTA rates. This also applies to students studying abroad.

The insurer may require proof that your reason for travel is of a professional nature or has an educational background (e.g. customer order, proof of enrollment at university or language school).

Tourist trips or non-essential trips are only insured to a limited extent in the event of a travel warning.

What if the Foreign Office issues a travel warning before I travel?

If a travel warning has already been issued by the German Foreign Office prior to your entry, there is no health insurance coverage in the respective country or area.

What if the Foreign Office issues a travel warning during my trip?

If there was no travel warning at the time of entry and a new travel warning is issued, the insurance coverage ends 7 or 14 days (depending on the tariff) after the announcement of the travel warning.

However, the health insurance is valid as long as you cannot leave the country (e.g. because return flights have been cancelled). As soon as you are able to leave the country, you must do so immediately.

The current status of travel warnings can be found on the website of the German Foreign Office.

Cost coverage of medically necessary coronavirus tests

The costs for a COVID-19 test will only be covered by the insurer if it has been ordered by a recognized physician on the basis of existing symptoms. The costs for a precautionary COVID-19 test without a medical referral will not be covered.

If a Corona test is carried out as a prerequisite for entry into the country, there is no coverage of costs for this, as it is not a medical necessity.

Corona tests for travel returnees

Corona tests for travel returnees are only covered by the insurer if a Covid-19 test has been ordered by a physician.

If the order for a test is issued by a government agency, the cost of the test will not be covered by the insurer.

Cost coverage for COVID-19 disease abroad

In principle, the insurer will cover the medically necessary treatment costs for acute illnesses or an accident abroad, in accordance with the insurance conditions.

If you fall ill with the coronavirus during your stay abroad, the costs for treatment by a doctor or in hospital will also be covered.

Please note in which cases the insurance coverage applies if the German Foreign Office has issued a travel warning.

These treatments for COVID-19 are covered if prescribed by a doctor
  • Necessary medical treatment
  • Examinations
  • Medication
  • Costs for quarantine in a hospital

Further information

Vaccination against

To protect yourself against COVID-19, you can get vaccinated on a voluntary basis. The most important information about this topic is summarized on the page Vaccination against COVID-19. It tells you why you should get vaccinated, who can get vaccinated, when and where, who pays for the vaccination and much more.

Emergency number

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For the MAWISTA Student, Travelcare, Visa and Blocked Account plans, the emergency call center staff can advise you on your choice of doctor or hospital and will clarify coverage details directly with the facility.


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