Entry restrictions

During a pandemic, travel restrictions are in place in Germany for entry from many countries.

Entry regulation

On the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community you can find out which regulations apply to the respective country from which you want to enter Germany.

In principle, it is possible to enter from all EU and Schengen countries as well as from the countries on this list. Entry from other countries is only possible for fully vaccinated persons for any purpose (also visiting trips or tourism). For this purpose, at least 14 days must have passed since the last individual vaccination. There are also some exceptions for non-vaccinated persons such as studying or working in Germany, a complete list of exceptions can be found here.

Since July 30, 2021, there is a new, Germany-wide uniform coronavirus entry regulation, which regulates the registration, quarantine and test proof obligation as well as the transport ban from virus variant areas nationwide. We have summarized the most important information for you here.

Information status: 01.09.2021

Entry registration

f you have been in a high-risk or virus-variant area within the last 10 days, you must register here free of charge before arriving in Germany and show the corresponding proof upon entry.

As an alternative to a digital entry registration, you can fill out this substitute notification in paper form as a traveler.

The following persons are exempt from the obligation to register for entry:

Obligation to provide proof

Persons aged 12 and over are required to carry proof of testing, convalescence or vaccination when entering Germany. The identical proof requirement also applies to air travelers changing planes at an airport in Germany.

Negative PCR test evidence is required for entry from a virus variant area. An antigen test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery are not sufficient at this point.

Requirements test proof

Requirements vaccination proof

Requirements recovery proof

Quarantine obligation

After a stay in a high-risk or virus-variant area, you are obliged to go into domestic quarantine for 10 days immediately after arrival.

Domestic quarantine means that you are not allowed to leave your house or apartment and you are not allowed to receive visitors. Violations of this are punishable by fines.

A domestic quarantine can be terminated prematurely in the case of a previous stay in a high-risk area if a negative test certificate, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery is submitted via the entry portal of the Federal Republic. Please note that testing after prior stay in high-risk area can be done at the earliest 5 days after entry. After stay in virus variant areas a domestic quarantine of 10 days is unavoidable and no early termination is possible.

For more information on the isolation requirement, click here.

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