You can reach our claims and customer service hotlines by phone or online. You can write to us or call us. We look forward to helping you and will deal with your query as quickly as possible.


How can we help you?


We look forward to discussing our different levels of cover with you and help you with your query.

Notification of claims

The claims team will be pleased to assist you with any questions regarding the reimbursement of costs.

Insurance card

Our insurance card for Incoming Students makes your life easier. You can use it as a proof of identity when consulting a doctor.


Our MAWISTA insurance policies cover you for sickness caused by Corona whilst you are staying abroad.


You want to leave us? We are very sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, we will support you as best we can with this step.

Emergency Call

When you have a medical complaint, it’s important to know how to get help as fast as possible.