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Public health insurance for students

If you would like to study in Germany you have to be insured over a public insurance company in almost every case.

If you would like to study in Germany you have to be insured over a public insurance company in almost every case. Exempt from that are merely students who finished their 14th semester or students who reached the age of 30 years. The health insurance is an important requirement to enroll at a German university. 

As an insured person over a public insurance company you have a free choice of all approved doctors.

For students fromBaden Württemberg
we recommend the AOK Baden Württemberg:
For students which do not come from Baden Württemberg*
we recommend the DAK-Gesundheit:
Premiums 2017:
Health insurance: 72,82 €per month
+ long-term care: 16,55 €per month, or. 18,17 € (for people older than 23 and without children)
Premiums 2017:
Health insurance: 76,07 €per month
+ long-term care: 16,55 €per month, or. 18,17 € (for people older than 23 and without children)
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*everything except Baden-Württemberg, eg.: Bayern, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, …


For the enrollment at an acknowledged Germany university it is necessary to have a health insurance. The health insurance for foreign students is compulsory and an insurance contract should be concluded immediately after the arrival. In Germany there are two kinds of health insurance, the public and the private. Students who didn´t reach the age of 30 years or who didn´t reach the 14th term of their study have to be insured over a public insurance company. The public insurance is a cost-saving choice. The benefits of the public insurance company are stipulated. Beside the coverage of illnesses the public insurance companies does also cover the preventive medical check-ups/prophylaxis as well as the treatments of pre-existing illnesses. However, the use of the public student insurance is limited. Starting from the age of 30 years or after the 14th subject related semester it is not longer possible to be insured under the cheap student rate. What does subject related semester mean? Subject related semesters are those who belong to the respective course of studies. If you are going to change your study program or if you are going to start a second study the semesters count from new on but the vacation semesters are not going to be counted. If one of the above mentioned limits has been reached, the student would have the possibility to stay insured voluntarily on a higher rate but this is only possible when it can be proven that there was an insurance contract in the past for 12 months without any break after the student insurance finished or in the last 5 years for almost 24 months.

If it is not requested to be insured over a public insurance company but over a private you can exempt yourself from the public insurance company. An exemption is only possible within the first 3 months after your enrollment at an university. This exemption you can get ONLY at a public insurance company. This document is called “Befreiungsbescheinigung” in German. Please notice if you exempt yourself from the public insurance company you can´t be insured over the public insurance company as long as you are a student.

With some countries, such as members of the European Union and the European Economic Area, Germany has a social security agreement. As long as you have public health insurance at home you can get this insurance coverage approved here in Germany by a public health insurance company in Germany but if the insurance coverage is not sufficient you have to apply for a health insurance here in Germany.