Social security card for foreign students

In the “Aufenthaltsgesetz” is defined, that foreign students could work for a limited period. The period is limited to 120 full or 240 half days (see § 16 para 3 – Aufenthaltsgesetz). Exceptions to this are the study preparatory measures.

You only need the social security number if you want to have a job in germany. The social security card is presented to the employer at the start of employment. However the social security card remains with the employee until he needs the social security card to show it for a job with another employer. 

Normally you don’t have to worry about the issue of a social security card, since this is done automatically on your first-time employment. In this case, tell your employer that it is your first job. Then your employer can apply a social security card for you over a public health insurance (AOK, DAK, KKH, TK, etc …). 

Apply yourself at any insurance company

Some employer often wants to see the social security card already with the beginning of the employment. To apply yourself, simply contact the nearest office of a public health insurance company. 

A private health insurance (eg MAWISTA) could not provide a social security card. Even if you have private health insurance, public health insurances are requesting the social security card at the German pension insurance. Either personally initiated by you or by your first employer.

Normally it takes between 2-4 weeks to receive the social security card by post from the German Pension Insurance. If an acknowledgment is necessary that a social security card has been applied for, the public health insurance could provide this on request. 

Further information is also available at the free service number of the German Pension Insurance: