MAWISTA Reisecare

Health Insurance for Germans abroad, foreigners in Germany and traveler

In case of unexpected illness or an accident, a health insurance policy protects you from incalculably high medical costs.


1.25 €

per day

Insurance benefits

Tourists / Vacationers
Sprachschüler, Studenten und Studienkollegiate
Travelling business people
Work & Holiday participants
High School attendants
Nach Abschluss ihres Studiums. Siehe den Studentenkomfortsatz gemäß § 16 Abs. 5 Aufenthaltsgesetz
Expatriates, residents, employees
Doktoranden und Gastwissenschaftler § 16 Abs. 5 Aufenthaltsgesetz

Who is entitled?

MAWISTA Reisecare is made for people who are temporarily staying abroad (max. age of 80).

The insurance is valid worldwide abroad (depending on tariff inclusive or excluding US & Canada) and can be completed at any time.

MAWISTA Reisecare is also suitable as a follow-up insurance. A health insurance is recommended to all travelers. For the approval of a visa for Germany the insurance is required by law.


Reisecare at a glance

Our service

MAWISTA Reisecare offers you a reliable insurance coverage at a good price-performance ratio for a term of up to 1 year.
After the conclusion you will receive the insurance policy and your MAWISTA Reisecare insurance certificate immediately as a PDF by e-mail or on request by mail.
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The insurer

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Niederlassung für Deutschland
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Insurance benefits

MAWISTA Reisecare
24/7 medical assistance
Outpatient treatment by a physician
Inpatient treatment in a hospital
Transport costs to the nearest suitable hospital
Repatriation to home country
Medication prescribed by a physician
Dental treatment and repairs to dentures and provisional dentures after an accident
250 €
Costs of search, rescue and recovery measures after an accident
5,000 €
Optional Accident insurance in case of disability
140,000 €
Optional Liability insurance for damage to rented property
250,000 €
Optional Liability insurance for personal injury
1,000,000 €

Payment per day

MAWISTA Reisecare without US/Canada:
MAWISTA Reisecare
Till the age of 64
1.25 €
Aged 65 to 80
6.25 €
Additional private liability and accident insurance on request 0.40 € a day
+ 0.40 €
Terms and Conditions
MAWISTA Reisecare with US/Canada:
MAWISTA Reisecare
Till the age of 64
3.50 €
Aged 65 to 80
17.50 €
Additional private liability and accident insurance on request 0.40 € a day
+ 0.40 €
Terms and Conditions
Payment methods
Auslandskrankenversicherung abschliessen



per day

MAWISTA Reisecare without Canada/US

From 1,25 € per day

MAWISTA Reisecare with Canada/US

From 3,50 € per day


§ 3 What limitations on cover are to be noted? No insurance cover is provided for

  1. Medical treatment and other measures ordered by a physician, where the purpose of travel was to seek such treatment
  2. Medical treatment and other measures ordered by a physician that the insured person knew were necessary prior to inception of insurance cover or at the time of taking out the insurance or which he or she could have expected in the circumstances of which he or she was aware
  3. Alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions, and the consequences thereof
  4. Childbirth after the 36th week of pregnancy as well as abortions and the consequences thereof that are not medically indicated and can be postponed
  5. Injuries caused by actively participating in competitions held by sports organisations and training in connection therewith
  6. Dental treatment other than analgesic treatment and repairs to dentures and provisional inlays costing more than EUR 250 per stay
  7. Massage and wellness treatment, mud packs and lymphatic drainage as well as the acquirement of artificial limbs and other aids
  8. Treatment or placement due to infirmity, the need for nursing care or custody
  9. Treatment of psychiatric or mental disorders, as well as hypnotism and psychotherapy – including associated medication
  10. Treatments by spouses, life partners, parents or children
  11. For fees and charges which exceed the extent considered generally customary and reasonable in the country concerned and for optional benefits such as a single room or treatment by the head physician.

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