20% more foreign qualifications approved in 2018

20% more foreign qualifications approved in 2018

Anyone who has acquired a qualification in their home country and moves to another country is faced with the problem of whether the qualification is approved. In Germany, every year immigrants deliver their qualifications acquired abroad and hope that they will be approved. In the following article more detailed information about this topic will be shared.

People want to participate in social life and are also looking for a job. In the best case the occupation is exercised from the homeland, however it first has to be approved. The Federal Statistical Office published in its statistics that last year 36,400 qualifications acquired abroad were approved throughout Germany as fully or partially equivalent to a German qualification. If the figures for 2017 are compared, the number of approved qualifications has risen by 20 percent.

Which sector benefits the most?

As in the previous year, the health sector benefited the most, with over 60% of all approved qualifications. Overall, 61% of all approved qualifications are in the medical sector. The approved qualifications from the health sector are divided into healthcare and doctors. The top 5 most approved qualifications are listed here:

  1. healthcare (10.400)
  2. doctor (7.200)
  3. engineer (2.900)
  4. teacher (1.900)
  5. educator (900)

From which country do the most qualifications come?

Most of the approved qualifications come from Syria, a total of 4,800 qualifications. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Poland ranked next with 3,000, 2,100 and 2,000 approved qualifications.

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