The 7 Cheapest High-Quality Laptops For Students

The 7 Cheapest High-Quality Laptops For Students

It’s the New Year coming and stores are jammed full of new computers and laptops, but which one is the right for students? There are several key factors to consider in deciding what the best is for your child or teen and what you should buy.

When it’s time to head back to school, but tuition are higher than ever, on top of that students have fees for textbooks, housing, insurances and so on, therefore students have even less money to spend on things like laptops. But do not worry; we will give you the list of top 7 student laptops that balance features, performance and the price.

So many people dread computer shopping their choices concede overwhelming and there is all that techno speak to decide for, but there are also some good news, this year prices are down and the latest computers come with more features than ever. On the PC side most machines ship with Microsoft Operation system Windows 7. This is a major upgrade from Windows XP and a big improvement over vista. So let’s dive in and bring some choices based on low, medium and higher in price points.

MacBook Air:

I know what you are trying to say, you are trying to shop on the budget and I’m suggesting the MacBook Air. But Apple offers student discounts up to 40%. If you go there with the cash, you’ll get a slim portable laptop, with good performance and battery life. But there is a noticeable sacrifice in storage space.

Prices vary from: 500-900€ (Without discounts and depending on the performances you choose).

Sony Vaio E Series:

It has a nice colorful screen and a comfortable keyboard, but with that comes it cons. The laptop itself isn’t very sleek or good-looking and the processor is rather weak. For those techy students who need to perform a lot of tasks in the meantime, this laptop is not for you. Sony Vaio E Series is great for students who want to use their laptops for writing, researching and of course chatting with their friends.

Prices vary from: 300-800€ (Depending on the performances).

MSI CR 6040:

The creeps green and loudspeakers on this, make it ideal for media use. However the graphics are not quite in that for stepping up to the gaming challenge, but it has a good battery life and it is pretty cheap too. For those students who like gaming, MSI CR6040 laptop is not the right for you.

Prices vary from: 400-600€ (Depending on the processor and ram performances).

Dell Inspiron 15r:

Its one of the best laptops with a nicely balancing all aspects for its price. Dell Inspiron 15r has a 2.3 gigahertz sandy bridge core i5 processor on board with four gigs of ram as well as a powerful graphics card capable of playing the most games out of any on this list. It has a 500 GB hard drive, changeable led designs, vibrant screen and good speakers.

Prices vary from: 380-600€ (Depending on the performances).


In the 250-400€ range, you will find many netbooks, these small enlighten machines have some trade-offs. They have smaller screens and keyboards than true laptops. Also they can’t handle some advance tasks, but students who just need to write papers and take notes and do researches will find them more than adequate.

Neo powered gateway LT 32: This 459$ has better features than most of last year’s models and its processing power is impressive for its size and price. The 11.6 inch screen is fine for surfing the web, downloading videos, and taking notes in class. This netbook is a good choice. Its weakness is the battery life. If you are planning to use it all the day, make sure to have somewhere to recharge it from time to time.

Prices vary from: 250-400€ (Depending on the performances).

Toshiba NB2 Netbook:

For tight budgets look at this 300$ dollar Toshiba netbook. Like most netbooks, its features are limited and this one has a tiny screen, but for 300€ it’s well-built and works well for basic student needs.

Prices vary from: 200-300€ (Depending on the disk storage).

Samsung NB30:

Samsung NB30 is a great netbook for students. It is a very strong machine, sometimes it can survive even if it drops. Got a problem student? This is the one priced at 340$.

Prices vary from: 200-300€ (Depending on the performances).

Finally do not forget many manufactures offer student discounts, you can save big money this way. Nowadays it is very important to have a laptop, textbooks are replaced by tablets and laptops and they’ve become an old-school way of learning.