5 kostenlose Tools zur Produktivitätssteigerung für Studenten

5 Free Productivity Tools for Students

As a busy student getting things done is quite a challenge. Manage your time with these amazing and free tools that will help you become more efficient.

As a busy student getting things done is quite a challenge when you are juggling from assignment to assignment. Manage your time with these amazing and free tools that will help you become more efficient and finish writing your term paper, presentation or project faster.

1. Evernote:

Have you ever found something useful on the Internet, but forgot which site you saw it on or where you saved it on your computer? I have, and it’s really frustrating. Since then I use and recommend Evernote – a free tool to save all the important things from the Internet for research and studying.
You can save and organize full articles, PDF files, images, even video and sound files to your online account. Get rid of the stack of notes and papers from your desk and use Evernote from your web browser or smartphone. Read more about Evernote!

2. Write Monkey:

If you are writing an important essay and need to be fully focused, try WriteMonkey. When you run this nifty program it will launch in full screen mode, allowing for distraction-free and effective writing.
WriteMonkey has a sleek interface; it’s easy to use and is customizable to suit your needs. It blocks work-disrupting programs on you PC and lets you write freely. Some of the best features are the ability to access dictionaries or encyclopedias to find more info on what you are writing, time spent writing, word statistics, and the spell-checker. Read more about WriteMonkey!

3. Dropbox:

Get past e-mail attachment size restrictions and flash drive failures with Dropbox. Having a safe place to keep all your study material is liberating and convenient. All files are accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet connection.
You can share large files with you colleagues to collaborate and get feedback on. Documents, videos and photos will be available to you anywhere all the time. You start with 2GB of free space when you sign-up, but if you invite friends to use it you get 500MB for referral and can get up to 16GB of space for free. Read more about Dropbox!

4. Soshiku:

Sometimes the time spent attending classes, working part-time, studying, and going out will leave no room to remember certain homework. Soshiku is a web and smartphone tool that will keep track of all your college duties and remind you in advance when you have to submit an assignment by email. Soshiku!

5. Nirvana:

This task-managing application will help you be more productive. It has a modern interface that separates it from the rest of the to-do-list web applications, making it a joy to use.
Record tasks via email or its smartphone app, organize them into different areas, add contacts, keep track of your finished work and export your list to your computer easily. Nirvana!

Do you use one of these applications or know of other tools that will benefit your fellow students? Please share them in the comments!