Top 6: iPhone Apps die das Studentenleben vereinfachen

Top 6 iPhone Apps that will make Student life easier

Are you an iPhone user? If not, then you must be! I’m sure that you’ve heard the ads about how there is an app for just about anything.

Are you an iPhone user? If not, then you must be! I’m sure that you’ve heard the ads about how there is an app for just about anything. iPhone apps (Application) are downloadable programs that let iPhone users do everything from play games, to read entire books from their tiny devices. But with money and time grabbing everyone’s attention these days, I thought to take a look at some application that could enhance the financial lives of our college students and help them get organized.

Firstly we will go with our top five organizing application for college students. These applications are great helper for students who can’t organize themselves. There are plenty of them on iTunes, but we will give you the most successful apps.


Do you have a student who puts up work to the last minute? Try iProcrastinate, this app is configured to work on your computer, iPhone or iPad, it organizes your homework and exams around your schedule. Then, it shows you how to maximize your time, to get it all done on time. Just plug-in your classes, you deadlines and the app. Iprocrastinate is 1$ on iTunes.


How about a real glimpse into the future, say goodbye to heavy and expensive text books, now is a website spelled KNO (kej en ou). Here you have the ability to buy digital copies of your text books at about half the price. Instead of carrying heavy books, all your need is your laptop or tablet. You can take notes and make highlights right in the digital book. The company offers a free trial so check it out.


This is another app for staying on top of homework’s and tests. You get a combination calendar and note taking device. InClass notifies you when you have an upcoming test or assignment, plus it back up all the info to your laptop. And this is totally free.


Quizlet is a free site, kind of turbo charged digital flashcard training center, you can study various subjects, share flash cards with other students studying the same. It is a great tool of traditional study habits which don’t come easy.

If getting organized is not a problem for you, than saving money is a taught task for everyone, even if you are not a student, this application may be helpful too. So here is the list of top financial application for students which can help you save money.

Red Laser

What does really Red Laser do and how can it help everyone financially? This app is really fantastic, you can go almost at any store and you use it to scan the bar code on any object that you are about to purchase. What Red Laser will do is that it will bring up how much that item costs, set all details of prices all around the country, so you can decide if this is a good price right now or you can save money by finding the same product cheaper in a different store. If you thing that the product is cheaper somewhere else than you can order the product online instantly.


Yowza is location based app, it will bring up coupons for stores that are in your area, so if you are going to go in a restaurant or going to buy clothes, see if there is a coupon on the Yowsa, if there is a coupon, you do not have to print it out, you can actually have the person at checkout line to scan your iPhone and it will instantly bring up the coupon and deduction.

IPhone apps are great if are used correctly. There are a lot of useful tools for iPhone, more and more college students are relying on those apps. This type of application can help you manage your finances, organize yourself, be more effective on class, find a job or even manage your bills. These types of application are developed especially for students and the prices for the apps are not more than 5 dollar per app. Technology is becoming a really important incubator in educational system. Nowadays students have all the possible tools to learn more, be more productive and save more money while they are on college.