Freie Uni Berlin

Deutschlandstipendium for the Freie Universität Berlin

We are now sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship at Freien Universität Berlin

We are pleased to announce that as of October, we will be active sponsors of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship programme at the renowned Freien Universität Berlin. At MAWISTA, we are dedicated to supporting students in various disciplines such as medicine, law, history, English, German and biology by providing scholarships as part of this programme.

The application period for this outstanding opportunity traditionally starts in the coming winter term, usually with deadlines in October. Students then have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship directly at the University of  Berlin. We strongly believe in the power of education and want to offer promising talents in these fields the financial support they need to realise their full potential.

If you aspire to study in one of these fields, we strongly encourage you to apply early for this scholarship and start your academic journey together with us and the Freien Universität Berlin.

Further information on the application and funding opportunities can be found at: German-Scholarship