Stipendienprogramm: Auslandsstudium mit Kind – Stimmen Sie ab, bis zum 15.02.2016!

Mawista Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad with a Child: Vote for a Winner, up to 15.02.2016!

In the last few days we received numerous applications for this year’s scholarship program “Study Abroad with a child” and now the jury has made a decision.

The voting is open: In the last few days we received numerous applications for this year’s scholarship program “Study Abroad with a child” and now the jury has made a decision: Young people from all over the world have proved themselves as organizational talents as they have decided to study abroad despite having a child.

Along the lines of “diversity enriches the education infrastructure” it’s not about the best grades or the most demanding course – it’s about the desire to further your education with a child at your side, it’ about the courage to take this big step abroad and it comes to strength of personality.

If you are mastering this double burden in everyday life, you can not only be incredibly proud of yourself, but with a little luck you will be sponsored by Mawista for a period of 12 months with 500 Euros a month!

Each of the candidates is extraordinary and courageous – after all studying abroad with a child is a great challenge. Nevertheless, the best candidates had to be selected and we are pleased to present them to you now!

The winner of the scholarship is determined using a public vote.
Would you like to participate in the vote and have a say in who wins our scholarship? Then you will gain an insight into the individual stories of the participants in the following.

We encourage you to read the excerpts of the applications carefully, as everyone can only cast one vote. All necessary information about the finalists are located at the bottom of this page.

Elisa Mendoza

In 2014, I decided to leave my country with my child to study a master programme in Germany.

The decision was very tough, leaving behind my family and closest friends, as well as making a tremendous economic sacrifice. I left with the promise and strong determination to return and help solve the many problems with food, nutrition and agriculture that affect us all there, and aware of the few professionals specialized in this area of development. So far, my experience as a single mother in a foreign country, learning a new language, studying and working at the same time has been a great challenge that I am sure it will give me many positive results in the future. Nevertheless, this situation leaves me very little time to share with my daughter.

Having a scholarship will allow me to not only enjoy my studies, but also for my daughter and I to have the social, cultural and even spiritual experience that we need for our healthy personal development and for my integral professional accomplishment.

Jennifer-Janice Hubrich

My 3-year old son Joel and I already have experience living abroad. Together, we lived in Sweden from January to June 2015, because I had the opportunity to study a semester abroad. This experience was one of the main reasons that made me apply for the Master programme Global Health in Maastricht.

I have been accepted to the study programme and I am currently looking an apartment and childcare. As there are higher living costs in the Netherlands next to tuition fees, we are now facing a financially difficult situation. I hope the one-year Master programme will give me better chances on the labour market as I want to work in the field of humanitarian aid. Therefore, I hope we get financial support from the MAWISTA Scholarship to realise my dream to study abroad

Karina Mainka

I am 1 of 5 working-class children. At the age of 17 I came to Germany (without language skills) and was having a baby.

In spite of everything I reached all my aims (learning German, A level) and it wasn’t easy as a single parent.
My next aim is a semester abroad (in Spain) with my daughter, what would be easier with this support.

This scholarship means for me not only to be a recipient of financial contribution but also an enormous psychological relief abroad.

Marlen Grabitzke

The decision to study while raising a child was a turning point in my life. I am ambitious, courageous and I grow with each task and challenge. Because of this courage, I have found the ability to thrive with our daily life, the studies, as well as my side job, all while being a single mom.

I have the eagerness to learn and have the energy to fully seize the opportunities. And now with my intention and endurance, I can fulfill a life-long dream.

It will be an adventure – for both of us – which will shape us and form a foundation for our lives as we build our future together.

Nihal Asadov

At the same time with my PHD we have started also a new phase in our life. Our first baby was born on October, 2015. He (Edis) is a miracle of our life now.

According to German rules I have a limited right to work. So, my financial situation needs an urgent support. Currently, I am working as a student and getting maximum salary that I’m able to.

And our families are trying to help us sometimes. I am afraid that, it can affect my study. Because of that, I need support for realizing my dreams.

Winner Announced