Stipendium studieren mit Kind

Scholarship programme: Study abroad with a child – vote by 01.03.2024!

The voting is open: In the last few days we received numerous applications for this year’s scholarship program Study Abroad with a child and now the jury has made a decision: Young people from all over the world have proved themselves as organizational talents as they have decided to study abroad despite having a child.

Along the lines of “diversity enriches the education infrastructure” it’s not about the best grades or the most demanding course – it’s about the desire to further your education with a child at your side, it’ about the courage to take this big step abroad and it comes to strength of personality.

If you are mastering this double burden in everyday life, you can not only be incredibly proud of yourself, but with a little luck you will be sponsored by MAWISTA with 3000 Euros!

Each of the candidates is extraordinary and courageous – after all studying abroad with a child is a great challenge. Nevertheless, the best candidates had to be selected and we are pleased to present them to you now!

The winner of the scholarship is determined using a public vote.
Would you like to participate in the vote and have a say in who wins our scholarship? Then you will gain an insight into the individual stories of the participants in the following.

We encourage you to read the excerpts of the applications carefully, as everyone can only cast one vote. All necessary information about the finalists are located at the bottom of this page.

Mahsati Atalay

Stipendium mit Kind

My name is Mehseti im 32 years old woman who left her career in human resources in Turkey and came to Germany to study. I have a beautiful daughter Daphne who is six years old and will stay with me all the period.

She is the main reason why i moved to Germany in the first place cause i dont want her to face the struggles which i faced as a woman in a society I lived in. My dream is to finish my major and support women who in need by working in social field.

My dream for my daughter is to adapted to the language, culture and social life in Germany and live happily and confident.

Hui Wang

Stipendium mit Kind

I am Hui WANG. As a single mom from China currently pursuing my master’s degree in Germany without any additional childcare support, this scholarship holds immense significance for me and my child.

Considering taking care of my son during the past few years from my side, I embarked on this academic journey later in life. I have committed myself to continuous learning, demonstrating that age should never be a barrier to personal and academic growth. Despite of being 40, I am resolute in my pursuit of education to serve as a role model for my child, showing that one can continually evolve and embrace new challenges regards of obstacles exits in our life. I hope he can take the challenge as well for being study in Germany with me together. Leaning a new languge and customize ourselves into a new culture make us feel excited.

Navigating the demands of academic life while being the sole caregiver for my child has been both challenging and rewarding. The team projects sometimes happen in the evenings or on the weekends. The absence of external childcare support adds an extra layer of complexity to my study, making this scholarship a crucial support system for my educational aspirations. While I feel so sorry for him that he can’t spend time with same age child to play around on weekends or after school when I take him to do my projects. This scholarship represents more than just financial assistance; it symbolizes an opportunity to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and showcase that age and single parenthood should not hinder one’s pursuit of education.

I am eager to contribute to the vibrant academic community and be a source of inspiration for others facing similar circumstances like me.

I am Hui WANG. As a single mom from China currently pursuing my master’s degree in Germany without any additional childcare support, this scholarship holds immense significance for me and my child.

Fatma Teba

scholarship program Study Abroad with a child

I am Fatma Teba, mother of three children and lawyer with a law degree. Due to the war conditions, my life path took me from my homeland Syria to Türkiye. There she worked closely with humanitarian organizations and contributed to psychological and social support centers for children. Later, I worked for a while in a women’s support center, where I helped them integrate and find job opportunities, which gave me valuable experience in supporting refugees.

After this phase, I traveled to Germany to get medical treatment for my daughter, which brought a new phase full of challenges for me, such as integrating into the new society and learning the German language. I began to devote myself to caring for my children and after their health improved, I acquired knowledge of the German language. Thanks to my perseverance and adaptability, I was finally accepted into the master’s program in legal informatics at the University of Passau.

I am currently about to complete my master’s degree in research on AI regulation, in which I have deepened my skills and knowledge. At the same time, I applied for a doctorate in law in the summer semester to deepen my passion for law and research.

My journey so far reflects perseverance, adaptability, and a clear sense of purpose in achieving my academic and professional goals. For me, the Maoista scholarship not only means financial support, but also recognition for my career and my perseverance. It will give me the opportunity to pursue my educational and professional goals with the same dedication that has guided me so far.

I hope for your kind support in order to successfully continue my efforts as a committed student and mother.

Islam Abdelsalam

Stipendium mit Kind

In the tapestry of our lives, passion, determination, and the pursuit of excellence intertwine to form a story uniquely ours. As a mechatronics engineer, my love for technology has always coexisted with an unyielding desire for management and entrepreneurship. It is this fusion of technical expertise and strategic vision that propels me forward on my path, as I pursue a Master’s in International Management with a focus on entrepreneurship at SRH Berlin.

Accompanying me on this transformative journey is my extraordinary wife, a compassionate pharmacist driven by an unwavering commitment to revolutionize healthcare. She, too, has chosen SRH Berlin to pursue an MBA specialized in healthcare management, where she seeks to merge her pharmaceutical expertise with business acumen. Together, we embody a shared passion for making a tangible difference in the world.

Our adventure unfolds with our two-year-old son, a constant reminder of the future we are shaping. Balancing the responsibilities of family, education, and professional growth, we embrace the challenges with unwavering resilience and an unshakeable commitment to success.

The Mawsita GmbH studying with a child Scholarship represents more than financial support; it is a validation of our aspirations. It is an opportunity to bridge our passions and expertise, propelling us toward profound contributions in our chosen fields. With the scholarship’s backing, we can explore innovative business models, refine our entrepreneurial skills, and gain a deep understanding of the insurance industry’s transformative power.

In conclusion, we are humbled by the opportunity to be considered for the Mawsita GmbH studying with a child Scholarship. Our journey exudes passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With this scholarship, we can harness our collective potential, driving change, and leaving an indelible mark on the insurance industry and beyond.

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