Mawista Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad with a Child: Vote for a Winner, up to the 15.02.2015!

Mawista Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad with a Child: Vote for a Winner, up to the 15.02.2015!

In the last few days we received numerous applications for this year’s scholarship program “Study Abroad with a child” and now the jury has made a decision

The voting is open: In the last few days we received numerous applications for this year’s scholarship program “Study Abroad with a child” and now the jury has made a decision: Young people from all over the world have proved themselves as organizational talents as they have decided to study abroad despite having a child.

Along the lines of “diversity enriches the education infrastructure” it’s not about the best grades or the most demanding course – it’s about the desire to further your education with a child at your side, it’ about the courage to take this big step abroad and it comes to strength of personality.

If you are mastering this double burden in everyday life, you can not only be incredibly proud of yourself, but with a little luck you will be sponsored by Mawista for a period of 12 months with 500 Euros a month!

Each of the candidates is extraordinary and courageous – after all studying abroad with a child is a great challenge. Nevertheless, the best candidates had to be selected and we are pleased to present them to you now!

The winner of the scholarship is determined using a public vote.

Would you like to participate in the vote and have a say in who wins our scholarship? Then you will gain an insight into the individual stories of the participants in the following.

We encourage you to read the excerpts of the applications carefully, as everyone can only cast one vote. All necessary information about the finalists are located at the bottom of this page.

Christabel Afriyie Acquah

I gained admission to Germany and it was not until I got here and started lectures that I got to know that I was pregnant.

I went through the pregnancy period whilst studying because I am determined to complete my entire MSc programme but have few challenges; as a sing le mother with a baby coupled with the utmost need to bring him up and take care of his needs all by myself, puts a little pressure on me because of the fact that we do not depend on the Ferderal Government´s  financial assistance.

Daria Lukianenko

During my academic studying in the university of Ukraine (I am bachelor of architecture), my daughter Mykhailina was born (she is 2,5 years now). She is the one who motivates me for performing the best results and for bringing impossible to life. As a mother, I want to be an example for her now and in the future.

Daria LukianenkoI have been attending German language courses since March 2014; starting from summer 2015 academic term, I am beginning my master’s academic Ievei in architecture.

Unfortunately, I do not have an opportunity to be with my daughter now due to the Iack of money for her alimentation: the minimum amount due for my credit card is 670 euros per month, while it will be risen up to 1118 euros per month with a child. I am unable to finish my education without her as I will be forced to return back home. I am willing to reunion with my daughter here and tagether grab an opportunity to get a worthy job after graduating university in Germany.

My main aim is to take care of Mykhailina, getting knowledge in the place I have been always dreamed about and preparing the best lives for both of us.

Michel Mönch

Petra Mölls-Hüfing

My big dream is it to take a semester abroad in Finland with my 4 year old daughter. As a mother with a child, I can not stay in the hall of residence, but must look for a 2-3 bedroom apartment, which is much more expensive. The cost for the nursery and the higher cost of living, exceed my financial horizon. I would be overjoyed if I could get the scholarship of Mawista and could realize my dream.

Zeinab Nahlé

31 years old, 3 children, 2 languages and one dream: to become a professional in Business Education. Leaving Lebanon as a 15 year old for a set up lebanese marriage in Germany. I started in Germany from scratch. I learned German and English, finished a school career what allowed me to go to the university. After a failed and agonising marriage I fight for my three children and my degree in Business Education. Always supported and motivated by my teachers at professional school as a teacher myself I would like to give support to others. The Mawista Scholarship will enable me to finish my studies and create new perspectives.

Mawista announced the winner of the Scholarship for Studying Abroad with a Child