Choose the perfect university!

Choose the perfect university!

In Germany you can study at different types of universities. Many students don’t know which is the perfect one for their personal goals.

In Germany you can study at different types of universities. Many students don’t know which is the perfect one for their personal goals. Especially if they come from abroad. This article should help you with this problem.

The Federal Republic of Germany has over 400 universities. These are divided into universities, universities of applied sciences, colleges of art, film and music and enable students to study at over 20,000 courses. Which university is the perfect one, depends on your interests and professional goals.


If you visit a university, you will quickly notice that your studies are economically oriented, and you will learn a lot of theory knowledge. If a university has specialized in a special field, you can tell by its name, such as Technical University (TU for short). At a university, you can do a bachelor’s or master’s degree, as well as a doctorate after your master’s degree.

Universities of Applied Sciences

Studying at a university of applied sciences is very practice-oriented. The emphasis is shifted from theory to professional application. Thus, the study was adapted to the requirements in the working life. The courses of studies in technology, economics, social sciences or media are offered by the universities of applied sciences. The practical phases serve to gain even more practical experience. These are firmly planned into the course of studies. You can do your bachelor’s or master’s degree at a university of applied sciences.

Colleges of art, film and music

If you are interested in art courses such as music, architecture, visual arts, drama, dance, industrial design and fashion design, this is the perfect university for you. Here you can train as a director, cameraman, screenwriter and other filmmakers and television professionals. If this is the right university for you and you want to enroll here, you must pass the entrance examination. Even without a university entrance qualification, but with a lot of talent, you can still get an assurance of your studies. Another important piece of information for you, most of these courses are in German. So, you should be able to speak German or complete a language course before.

Cooperative State University

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulviIf you want even more practice than at a university of applied sciences, you should take a look at the dual universities. Here you have the opportunity to quickly start your professional life and can choose between the following three types:

1) Training-integrated
Study is linked to training in a recognized training occupation.

2) Practice-integrated
Study and practical phases alternate in a company.

3) Career-integrated / course alongside career
The course of study is combined with further professional training. Similar to distance learning, you work full-time and learn on your own.

Depending on your needs, you can apply for the perfect university. You don’t have to pay attention to quality, because it is comparably good at all universities.nar dapibus leo.