20% more foreign qualifications approved in 2018

Dreamland for International Students – More and more international students decide to spend a semester abroad in Germany

The trend is towards Germany, but why is Germany becoming more and more popular for international students? This question will be discussed in this article.

If the latest statistics on the subject are analyzed, it can be clearly seen that more and more international students are enrolled in Germany year after year. The trend is towards Germany, but why is Germany becoming more and more popular for international students? This question will be discussed in this article.

How many international students are currently enrolled in Germany and how have things developed in recent years?

Before going into the reasons, the first part of the article will share the most recent data. In the next step, the development of the last few years will be shared. According to provisional figures from the Federal Statistical Office, a total of 393,579 foreign students will be enrolled at German universities in 2019. Compared to the previous year, the growth is just over five percent. So the development of the last years continues and the number of international students in Germany continues to rise. The following chart shows the development of international students in Germany between 2009 and 2018.

Why is Germany for international students so attractive?

Germany is centrally located in Europe and is a sought-after destination for holidaymakers, employees and international students, as can be seen in the graph in the first section. This can be due to many reasons such as the history, the financial center, special events or the Oktoberfest. But while these are reasons for holidaymakers, travelers or employees, the reasons for studying in Germany will be discussed now in this chapter.

International students should take a very close look at Germany. Europe’s economically strongest country offers foreign students some very profitable advantages.

Very low tuition fees

Tuition fees have been abolished in almost all federal states. Thus there is only a small amount for the announcement and the administration fees to pay. This amount depends on the federal state and varies. The amount is between 100 and 300 Euro. The higher the semester fee, the more offers are included, for example a valid ticket for public transport.

High study quality

Universities in Germany are offering more and more courses in English, which is very popular with international students. In addition, great importance is attached to making everyday study life exciting and involving research and development. This means that students do not sit all day listening to the professor but interact with other students and work together on projects.

Low cost of living

The price level in Germany is favorable compared to many other economies. Compared to the European member states, Germany is quite central and only slightly above average.

Working in Germany

After graduation, some of the students decide to stay and work in Germany. Since the qualification was acquired in Germany, the most important document of the application is available.

Which courses of study are popular for international students?

This section will focus on which courses are popular for international students. A distinction should be made between university and university of applied sciences, as universities offer all courses. The universities of applied sciences are more limited in their offer. If you look at the degree programs of international students who attend a university, you can see that engineering is very popular. The engineering course is most frequently attended by international students. Other places include Law, Economics and Social Sciences, Humanities and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The international students who prefer a university of applied sciences study engineering sciences most often. The second group are Law, Economics and Social Sciences. All other courses of study are attended only rarely, or at a university. The following two graphs are intended to illustrate this.

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