MAWISTA Krankenversicherung indische Studenten

Health Insurance for Indian Students

Health Insurance for Indian Students and guest scientists in Germany

India has got German students fascinated in several ways. Seldom is any country so diverse culturally developed and so appreciative towards the joys of life notwithstanding its downfalls. That is therefore the reason why so many German students are withdrawn to spending time in this foreign country. Whether they travel as tourists or in order to follow a semester abroad during their studies, the opportunity to get to know this nation is appealing. On the other hand, Indian students are as well, highly attracted to the thought of studying in Germany. Indian students are lured by the excellent education and the occupational perspective regarding their future. A degree in fields such as technical studies or engineering is very reputable in Germany.

However, before they arrive to Germany, Indian students as well as guest scientists are required to have health insurance, something one has to consider in advance.

Alternatives to obtaining medical insurance in Germany are vast. The majority do offer great services, but there are also quite a few which either lack the necessary coverage of services or are simply too expensive. Getting a grip on the right Insurance Company in this Insurance madness is anything but easy.

The services provided by MAWISTA are particularly designed for foreign students and guest scientists. As the insurance is optimized yearly, these services adapt perfectly to their specific needs and the current situation.

People wonder is obtaining health insurance is actually necessary. Clearly the response would be YES. For once, medical insurance is required by law in Germany. If you don’t have health insurance you risk losing your spot at the University or encounter difficulties when entering the country. Consequently, anyone who doesn’t have a valid insurance can’t even get the chance to study in Germany.

On the other hand, the reasons why people purchase health insurance are pretty clear in every country. Regardless of where you are, you might always be at risk of getting ill or having an accident. This will most definitely lead to a medical service which is far more expensive than in India. Therefore, it’s highly recommendable to purchase health insurance. Apart from being reasonably priced it will also be in accordance to the German healthcare system.

The aforementioned cover the following benefits:

Most of the important matters are included in these insurance benefits. Nevertheless, one shall make sure if a pre-existing illness requires special services which are not necessarily covered in the package.

MAWISTA team will gladly help and reply to any question asked as well as give advice at any time. The choice of a correct insurance shouldn’t be made inconsiderately since much depends on it. Besides, by selecting the appropriate health insurance one can save a lot of money. The ones who underestimate the expenses for the healthcare system might face a mountain of debts without having been seriously sick.

Furthermore, there are normally vast differences concerning various insurance providers. Not only the benefits vary, but there is a slight variation in the altered insurance contributions also. As a student or researcher in a foreign country, one doesn’t necessarily have much money at disposal. Therefore one has to make a distinction by reference to the criterion of insurance contribution also. In doing so, you shouldn’t carelessly select the cheapest tariff. If you take your time and elaborate the matter of medical insurance, you will eventually make the right decision in an insightful manner.

Additional help is also offered by the Indian or the German Universities. The responsible consultants are happy to assist you and answer your questions.

Whoever needs financial aid, should try to get a scholarship. There are both Indian and German entities entitled to provide student grants. These are rather specific bodies such as the “Deutscher Akademische Austauschdienst”, the respective states or countries, other political, religious or private foundations as well as companies. The ones who truthfully want to study abroad yet are struggling over the matter stand a good chance of getting a scholarship.



from €25 per month

Along with health insurance, one should also take other insurances into account among which are for instance accident insurances or personal liability insurance all accounted for in the Student Classic Plus and Student Comfort tariffs. Liability insurances cover the costs for an accident or other damage events that are caused by one’s own misconduct – namely the causal agent is liable for the damage to other persons or to their property.

Another qualified insurance is the baggage insurance. After all, if you go abroad for such a long time you will have to take a lot of stuff and will eventually be upset if something gets lost or damaged.

MAWISTA insurance can be requested and obtained easily and conveniently through the Internet. This way, everything gets done quickly and it’s possible to purchase the appropriate insurance at a very short notice. Moreover, filling out the online form is a shortcut especially for persons who don’t live in Germany. Every document concerning the contract and the certificate for the authorities/ „Bescheinigung für Behörden“, which needs to be presented in Germany, will then be send by mail or by post if requested.

To finalize the insurance contract you will have to give up certain personal information.

Since MAWISTA insurance is valid in other EU countries as well, such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland travelling to these countries while you are residing in Germany won’t require additional insurance.

Getting to travel to other countries and meet other nations as well is another memorable experience.