Top 10 der sehenswertesten Orte in den USA

Top 10 places to visit in the USA

The USA still has an indescribable attractiveness for people all over the world. You might think you know the country quite good from movies and television.

The USA still has an indescribable attractiveness for people all over the world. You might think you know the country quite good from movies and television and your biggest wish might be to visit the US just one time and see all these things with your own eyes. Those, who haven’t been there jet dream of different places to visit and those who already have been there describes the US as one of their favorite place.
The diversity and large number of great places makes it difficult to create a Top 10 list for the US. Each city and every state has its own sights and for many people the lesser known spots are the most beautiful ones.

The special thing about America is that everyone arrives with a dream and everyone has his own and individual impressions. Most likely everyone has his own Top 10 list as well.

Nonetheless I want to list the most popular, best known and most exciting places you should visit one time in your life, so that you can give your opinion of your most favorite places in the future.

Top 1: New York

First in line is a very special city. No other city in the world is more popular than New York. The fast paced and vibrant metropolis is the location of countless movies and stories and offers numerous places to visit. For this city one should take some time. Of course one has to visit the most popular sights like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Wall Street, Ellis Island and the Times Square. But to really enjoy New York in all its facets it can also be great to just walk around different quarters, to visit the well-known Bohemian side of town, or to relax in Central Park.

There’s not much to say about the many famous sights, everyone has heard of them, seen them in pictures and every guide or webpage tells when and where to visit them. Although they are crowded and expensive one should visit them and have a look. Some tricks can often save money and nerves. The Statue of Liberty for example can be seen much better on a trip by boat with the ferry to Staten Island. Such a trip is included in the Metro ticket.

Top 2: Los Angeles/ Hollywood

LA is ranked among the most popular cities of the US. Feel like a star for one day and taste a little bit of the world of glamour, this is what tourists wish for when coming there. There are so many sights, that it takes several days to visit all of them. The Walk of Fame has to be visited as well as Venice Beach or Santa Monica Pier and the Dolby Theatre, where the Academy Awards ceremony takes place. A trip through Hollywood, passing the properties of the rich and the beautiful is another thing to do in Los Angeles. Who doesn’t want to have a small glimpse at the house of one’s favorite actor or singer.

There are also many amusement parks like Disneyland, the Pacific Park or the Universal Studios to spend some time, including cultural sites such as interesting museums.

Top 3: Las Vegas

This mythic city is truly magic, glamorous and full of dreams. Partying one night in hip night clubs, where one you meet a real star with some luck or spend the night in a casino enjoying the thrill of an exciting game.

Besides entertainment Las Vegas also has a great and exciting cultural scene. For those who like art the Las Vegas Art District south of Downtown is a must.

In Las Vegas it is possible to get immersed into a different world, a place of glamour and temptation. When leaving one can always look back with a smile.

Top 4: San Francisco/ Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is most-likely the best known bridge in the world and besides the Statue of Liberty one of the landmarks of the USA. It provides a breathtaking sight and for a long time was the largest suspension bridge. It is 2737 meters long. Numerous viewpoints give a great view at the bridge and the skyline of San Francisco. When doing a US trip a picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge is a must have.

Besides the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco has many other places to visit. A little bit of history, a little thrill and many exciting stories can be experienced in the prison Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. During conducted tours you can immerse yourself in this place with all its prisoner’s fates and secrets. During the boat tour to the island one furthermore has a great view to the city.

For those who like architecture and history the city is almost paradise. Numerous ancient victorian houses and many places with great history invite to a trip through the past.

Top 5: Grand Canyon

Fame isn’t exclusive to the big cities of the US, the breathtaking countryside is another reason to go there. The Grand Canyon is one very popular sight. The Canyon takes ones breath and makes us forget all feeling for scale and size. This place is enormous and one is feeling small and non-existent; feeling happy being part of a world that forms such wonderful things. Besides the Grand Canyon itself, that can be seen from many viewpoints the surrounding national park with Native Indian reservations is well worth a trip. For the the physically fit among you there are exciting walking trails leading past the sights.

Top 6: Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park extends over three states and is the oldest national park in the world. Since 1978 it is part of the world cultural heritage. No matter if it is summer or winter, one can see a place of wild nature and do adventurous trips. With some luck one can see bisons, grizzlies, or wolves. These animals make the park famous. Another breath taking sight are the hot springs, which impress with their colors. The park also contains a volcano called Yellowstone. Some stories can be told about this volcano.

Top 7: Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are located at the boarder to Canada and are another natural spectacle that is famous all over the world. The Canadian Falls are better to visit, but both are impressive and breathtaking. The special thing about the Niagara Falls is not their height or width but the large amount of water coming down.

Prepared with raincoats one can drive by boat to the Falls. This provides the best view, however, get ready to getting quite wet. Those who want to stay dry can climb up a tower and have a good view. At night the Falls are worth another visit. Now they are floodlit in different colors and seem magical.

Top 8: Mount Rushmore

At Mount Rushmore one can see the famous Mount Rushmore National Memorial. 18 meter portraits of four presidents were carved Into the mountain. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. This impressive monument is worth a look for sure. In the surrounding there are some more villages and places with sights.

Top 9: Washington/ Capitol

The capital of the United States, Washington DC, is another place to visit. The city offers many sights and an interesting history that is intertwined with the political past of the country. Today the government of the US is located there.

A must-see is the Capitol, seat of the American senate and the house of representatives. It is over 200 years old. The dome structure with many pillars has an impressive architecture.

Furthermore, one should visit the White House. This building is as famous as the Capitol and is home of the president of the United States. A part of the building is open for visitors, getting a guided tour is not easy.

More sights are the Lincoln Memorial, the grave of President Kennedy and the Kennedy Center, the Union Station and the Washington Monument.

Top 10: Miami

Miami is another famous city in the US. It is located in Florida. Sun, beaches and holiday feeling are promised here. Besides sunbathing and swimming one should also visit some sights. For example, a trip to the Everglades to watch crocodiles and alligators. Furthermore, the boroughs Little Havana, Coral Gables and Coconut Groove are worth a visit.

Must-visits are also the Ocean Drive in Miami Beach and the Art-Déco-quarter.