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How to identify good health insurance cover

How to identify good health insurance cover

A good health insurance provider is characterised by appropriate benefits and quality of service.

We recommend that you check whether the following services are included in the tariff:

  • Medical care by email, by phone and in person
  • Outpatient treatments by a doctor of your choice: Outpatient treatments are treatments without the patient being admitted to a care facility
  • Inpatient treatment and necessary surgeries in an hospital of your choice: Inpatient treatments are treatments with admission of the patient to a care facility including overnight stay
  • Transport to the nearest suitable hospital
  • Medication prescribed by a doctor
  • Medical aids in connection with an accident, such as walking aids
  • Pain-relieving dental treatment+
  • Transfer costs to home country and funeral expenses
  • Additional liability and accident insurance if required
  • Pregnancy from the insurance start date
  • Vaccinations

In terms of services, these factors make your everyday life easier:

  • Simple online application
  • Advice via email or phone in various languages, including Chinese
  • Documents sent via email or accessed via website
  • Fast payment of medical bills
  • Cover provided outside Germany for trips abroad during studies: other EU countries, other Schengen countries and the UK
  • Insurance also offered for family members in Germany to support studies
  • Simple payment process: direct debits from a German bank account or international credit card