Taking out statutory health insurance as an international student at a university in Germany

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from €121.16 per month

Reliable health insurance coverage for the following groups of people:



from €115.88 per month


The AOK as a health insurance provider  for international students

With around 27 million insured individuals, the AOK is one of the largest and most popular health insurance companies in Germany. For over 130 years, it has offered its members security and comprehensive medical care when they fall ill.

The eleven regional AOKs are oriented to meet the needs of local people. The AOK is particularly active when it comes to healthcare provision for students. The AOK offers a special AOK student service with personal advice located close to universities.

For these reasons, AOK is one of our recommendations in the field of statutory health insurance for international students.

You can submit an application for AOK membership before or during your stay in Germany. The health insurance plan is valid for studying in Germany and temporary stays in the EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, the United Kingdom and Iceland.   This makes it easy to study or travel in these countries. 

If you need a visa to enter Germany, we recommend taking out the MAWISTA Visum health insurance plan. If you have any questions about which is the right health insurance plan for you, our insurance advisors would be happy to help you free of charge.


Tariffs at a glance

Insurance period


Age limit for student tariff

Can be insured up to 30 years of age

Conclusion of contract

Can be done anywhere, to take effect after arrival in Germany

Payment method

Monthly payment via direct debit

Cancellation period

2 months


0 euros

Insured region

Study within Germany


Automatically until the end of your studies or until you are 30 years old

Proof of insurance

Recognised by authorities and universities in Germany

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Discover the benefits of the insurance card

The AOK insurance card makes life easier for you. You can use it to identify yourself to the doctor or hospital.

The insured services provided will be billed directly to AOK via the card. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

AOK Gesundheitskarte


The health insurance company

With around 27 million insured individuals, the AOK is one of the largest and most popular health insurance companies in Germany. 

For over 130 years, it has offered its members security and comprehensive medical care when they fall ill. The eleven regional AOKs are oriented to meet the needs of local people.


Customer services
Branches in Germany

You can get personalised advice about AOK health insurance policies from over 1200 AOK locations in Germany.


AOK Servicehotline staff will also be happy to provide advice if you have any concerns or questions about health insurance in Germany. 




Bonus programme
Electronic health insurance card
Health courses
General practitioner scheme
Medical info line
Prescription contraceptives
Dental treatment


Insurance made easy
Monthly premium for students

Health insurance: €93.55 to €104.91

Nursing care insurance: €27.61 to €32.48

Total: €121.16 to €137.39


Monthly premium for professionals

Health insurance: 7.95 % to 8.65 %

Nursing care insurance: 1.7 % to 2.3 %

Total: 9.65 % to 10.95 % of gross income


Digital services
Via the “My AOK” app, you can photograph sick notes, membership certificates and other documents and send them securely to the AOK. If you need to, you can manage or change your data and conveniently order a new insurance card.
AOK My Life
With the “AOK My Life” app, you’ll get an insight into your health data and can share this with your doctors if you need to. You can also store an emergency passport including emergency contacts, your medication and other important documents. The more thorough the data on your health is, the more reliable the treatment options your doctor can offer.
A balanced life
The aim of the “Life Balance” programme is to support you in mastering the challenges of everyday life in a better way and thus strengthening your resilience. It is based on the latest findings in resilience and psychotherapy research and is aimed at healthy people of all ages. It includes mindfulness exercises and tests to get to know your wishes and needs better as well as strengthen your personal protective factors. This also involves accepting situations that cannot be changed.

Frequently asked questions

Questions about the tariff

The services provided by statutory health insurance providers are very similar. You will be well insured by both partners. It depends more on what is important to you personally, e.g. 24/7 availability, telehealth or regional on-site care. You can find a comparison of our recommendations for statutory health insurance – AOK and BARMER – here.

Am I insured for health treatment abroad?

For temporary stays abroad within Europe (incl. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is sufficient. This can be found on the rear of your AOK insurance card. This entitles you to all medically necessary services that cannot wait until your return to Germany. However, it is sensible to have additional travel insurance as the EHIC is not accepted in some countries and hospitals and private bills will be issued.

Will I get proof of being insured with AOK?

You can obtain proof (AOK membership certificate) that you are insured with AOK for a residence permit or for your employer.

How can I cancel an AOK contract?

Outside the lock-in period of 12 months, AOK membership can be terminated with a notice period of 2 months. Cancellation thus becomes effective at the end of the month after next. 

Which doctor or hospital can I go to?

If the illness is minor (for example, you have the flu, headaches or have had a minor accident), we recommend you find a general practitioner in the local area. The doctor who treats you may recommend referral to a specialist if necessary. If you have toothache, you should go straight to a dentist. If you have severe pain, have had a serious accident or need to see someone outside of normal consultation hours (for example at the weekend), please visit an on-call doctor’s practice that offers an emergency service or go to a hospital. Costs for all necessary treatment will be paid directly by the AOK using the insurance card you present to the doctor. 

How do I submit bills?

Treatment costs will be settled directly between the doctor or hospital and the AOK. Only additional treatments that are not insured will need to be settled between doctor and the insured person. For example, extended dental cleaning or similar.


Are medications included in the insurance?
Costs for medication will be covered provided they have been prescribed by a doctor for medically necessary treatment of an acute illness.
Are costs of vaccinations covered?

All vaccinations recommended by the STIKO are covered by the AOK. 

How long will it take to process my application?

You will normally receive confirmation of your application within 48 hours during the working week.

Product finder

Interested in other tariffs that may suit you?

The product finder will show you all the health insurance policies available to you as an international student.