Stipendium studieren mit Kind

Winner Scholarship – Studying with a child 24

Congratulations - €3,000 scholarship for your studies

The glorious winner has finally been chosen! Numerous participants took part in the voting for this year’s scholarship and a public vote has now determined the winner.

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the vote. Without your dedicated support, this competition would not have been possible. Despite some challenges, including the use of bots, we had to clean up the results to ensure fair competition was maintained.

Applicants were not judged solely on their impeccable grade point average or their challenging degree programme. Rather, the willingness and courage to promote education while being responsible for a child – even abroad – was taken into account.

We are delighted to see in people like Fatma Teba real organisational talent with remarkable personal strength and are happy to be able to invest in her future.

This year’s scholarship for studying abroad with a child goes to Fatma Teba. Congratulations to her! MAWISTA is supporting you with an amount of 3,000 euros!

We hope that this financial support will help you to achieve your goals and make your life a little easier. Don’t be discouraged and continue to be successful with your study abroad programme and your child!

We will soon be announcing the next competition for another scholarship. Stay up to date via our social media pages – follow us on Facebook, Instagram und Twitter to stay informed.


Our winner: Fatma Teba

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