Informationen zum Auslandsstudium in Deutschland

Information about Studying in Germany

Studying abroad, going away from home after school and experience new adventures in a different country, become part of different culture.

Studying abroad, going away from home after school and experience new adventures in a different country, gain experiences and become part of different culture. This dream is shared by many young adolescents who have finished school, but to make this dream happen it needs a lot of work.

The frontiers between the countries blur more and more in the modern times especially in the European Union it can be seen clearly. It is now time to reduce the frontiers of education as well. Everybody should be able to decide in which country he or she wants to study and which system is best for him or her.

Germany is one of the most popular countries to study. Good education, strong practical links, job opportunities and literally free of charge as of October 2014, all these are reasons to study in Germany. There are furthermore low hurdles when applying for a place at university. German universities have a special amount of places for international students and are pleased to welcome them.

The studies in Germany can offer perspectives for the personal and professional future and open new ways. Many big employers such as Daimler, Bosch, BMW, Volkswagen, BASF and many more have their headquarters in Germany and campaign for the students. With internships and academic associations it is possible to gain practical experience with the future favorite employer. Germany offers a wide range of companies from the most different areas that present themselves as possible employers.

But during the studies the theory is the big point. Germany is within the best countries concerning education. The universities and technical colleges allocate themselves through good education and the degrees are accepted all over the world. German professors are among important persons in their subjects. Research is another important point that is important for the universities and students can already do own research projects during their studies.

Who wants to apply for a study program in Germany should be informed about the Bachelor and Master system which has been established during the Bologna reform. The educational structures and application processes can be confusing but with enough information there shouldn’t be problems.

Necessary for citizens from not EU countries are a visa and later a residence permit. This has to be renewed every two years and allows to stay and work in the country. The bureaucratic steps and rules are not always easy to understand but every German university has a foreign office to which one can go when having any questions.

One should also consider the costs and finance of the studies abroad. The living costs in Germany are average compared to other countries but costs for apartment, living and travelling can become high.
It is also necessary to have a health insurance in Germany. This should be applied for early because otherwise there can be problems with the entry or the application.

Organize things early and plan responsible are the most important points of the studies abroad. There will be many questions and hurdles and it takes a lot of time and investment till one is finally studying at the favorite university and is feeling comfortable in the new home country but the time there is giving back a lot. Unique experiences that are building the own personality and can be a positive aspect when looking for a job later.