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Health Insurance for foreign nationals in Germany

MAWISTA’s rates have been developed for foreigners in Germany.

Persons with a temporary residence title must provide proof of health insurance for foreigners each time their visa is renewed in Germany. Most immigration authorities require proof that the health insurance is equivalent to that of the statutory health insurance. Such a proof: “Bescheinigung für Behörden” will be sent to all insured persons (according to the tariffs MAWISTA Student and MAWISTA Expatacre) from abroad automatically with the other insurance documents. Even persons coming from a country requiring a visa need proof of travel health insurance valid for the entire duration to apply for a Schengen visa.

For a normal Schengen visa, the MAWISTA Visa tariff has been developed, which can already be taken out for a travel duration of 8 days.

The MAWISTA Student rates are designed for language students, students, visiting scholars and scholarship holders. These tariffs are particularly characterized by consumer-friendly conditions and a daily right of cancellation at the end of the month.

All offered rates for health insurance for foreigners are valid in the Schengen countries. A short vacation to a neighboring country is therefore always covered. If a foreign guest then takes up a professional activity, he or she must then usually register with a statutory health insurance company. In addition to health insurance for foreigners, private liability insurance should always be considered.

For stays longer than 5 years, the travel health insurance is no longer suitable, such persons should look for a private health insurance. At MAWISTA you will find the right health insurance for foreigners for every type of stay in Germany. If you have any questions, please call us, we will be happy to advise you!

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