Die Top 10 sehenswertesten Orte in Thailand

The Top 10 places to be in Thailand

Thailand is a fascinating country for visitors as few other are. Coming back from Thailand one has sparkling eyes and uncountable impressions to tell.

Thailand is a fascinating country for visitors as few other are. Coming back from a Thailand holiday one has sparkling eyes and uncountable impressions and experiences to tell. In this country it doesn’t matter staying in a big hotel resort having all inclusive treatment or traveling with nothing but a backpack through the whole country. The unbelievable countryside, the blue water, white beaches and the green palm trees give a feeling of paradise and the warm an open attitude of the inhabitants help to feel welcome. Thailand is one of the most popular countries for tourists in Asia and even if crowded in some times it is definitely worth a visit. Many people who went there once want to go back every holiday and make their wish come true.

Top 1: Bangkok

For most travellers Bangkok is the first stop in Thailand. Arriving by plane and staying some days to get ready for the country is usual. But it isn’t always easy. Still tired from the long flight one gets to a city which is different from everything you know. Chaos, noise and fever are everywhere. After the first shock one starts loving this chaos. There is no other possibility, the city with its uncountable people, driving around in their small Tuk Tuk cars or selling everything in their small booths. One could sit the whole day in one of the restaurants or in front of a cook shop and watch the happening on the streets.
But Bangkok has so much more in store that one should definitely come back before leaving and stay some more days.

The famous Floating Market can also be seen in a James Bond movie. The goods are sold from boat to boat here and it is a beautiful picture. The weekend market Chatuchak is even more spectacular. In the huge area there is sold everything one can imagine. The perfect place to find souvenirs for family and friends at home.
Concerning culture and history the Grand Palace is the first place to go. The royal building with its brilliant look should definitely be on the to-visit list. There are some more temples for example Wat Po, Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaeo and many more that are really beautiful. Tipp: Buy a ticket for the taxi boat on Chao Phraya River, so you can go to all of these temples and it is very cheap. Further, the boat trip on the river is a great experience and one can see all the beautiful buildings from the water.

Top 2: Krabi/ Railay Beach

Krabi is a small town in the South-West of Thailand and a good place from which one can visit all the islands at this coastline. It is possible to go to Ko Phi Phi, Phangan or other islands directly but a stay in Krabi is also a great time. The small city is very charming and loved by backpackers. From there you can also go to famous Railay Beach, which is at the mainland but one can only go there by boat. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. There is a small holiday village with many bungalows which seems to be completely cut off the rest of the world. A small place in paradise making you forget about all the rest. By feet or boat you can reach another small beach. It is famous for backpackers and cock climbers. Rock climbing is as essential here as swimming, lying on the white sand or eat.

Those having a smaller budget for their holiday should definitely go to the Phra Nang Beach, there you can get cheap bungalows in the palm tree forest. These are not that luxurious as the hotels in Railay but still very nice.

Top 3: Ko Phi Phi

The island Ko Phi Phi for most people is the one tropical paradise in the world. The rocks, the sea, the beach and the palms, everything seems just perfect. Many tourists go there because of the film “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio which was filmed there. The island was destroyed in 2009 during a hard tsunami but by now the nature has recovered. Because of its small size the island can be visited in one day. On many trips one can do swimming or snorkeling from the boat while going or leaving the island.

Top 4: Phuket

Phuket is also a more touristic island. It is the largest island in Thailand and is called Mallorca of Thailand by some backpackers. But besides all-inclusive tourists, hotel resorts and sunbeds one can also find some more quiet beaches and fascinating countryside.

Top 5: Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan (Ko Pha Ngan) is located in the East of Thailand and is one of the most famous islands. The tourism plays a huge part here and the island is loved by backpackers and all-inclusive tourists alike. Especially the young travellers know this island for its legendary full-moon parties. At these events about 10.000 people come together and dance the whole night to reggae, techno, trance and other beats. The parties unfortunately are not only legendary but also dreaded, because there are often accidents as a result of alcohol and drugs. Being a part of such a big event is the main reason for young travellers to celebrate the former religious festival.

Diving is a popular sport in Ko Phangan and in the surrounding for example on the neighbor island Ko Thao. There are numerous great diving spots that count to the most beautiful in the world.

Top 6: Ko Samui

The countryside of the islands in the East differs in some things from the ones in the West. The typical rocks from the west coast can’t be found here, but there are also many great and beautiful beaches. Ko Samui is also one of the bigger islands in Thailand and can offer anything from touristic cities to quiet and lonely beaches.

The most famous one is the Chaweng Beach. It offers action through day and night and no one will get bored here. From a jetski ride at the beach to parties that last the whole night can everyone find something to have fun. Those who need some peace after all of this can enjoy the beautiful quiet Maenam Beach, which invites to relax and do sunbathing.

Top 7: Chiang Mai

Because of all the great islands in the South one often forgets the North of Thailand, which provides a breathtaking nature and awaits with many cultural places and interesting stories. Chiang Mai is a city in the North and the perfect jump off point for all adventures, which are waiting in this area. The city itself is also very interesting as it was built as a nearly perfect square and all the roads follow this pattern. Hotels and hostels can be found inside and outside the city and offer cheap bedrooms. But what to do when the nearest beach is some thousand kilometers away? The most popular trips and activities are trekking trips through the jungle, elephant riding, rafting or other sports. Furthermore one can visit a lot of villages where traditional Thai people live, for example the “Long Necks”. They stretch their neck witch heavy rings to follow their beauty ideal.

In Chiang Mai there are some temples that are worth a visit or one can try a Chai cooking course. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, the North is a great region totally different from the South.

Top 8: Ayutthaya

Only a few hours from Bangkok one can find the city Ayutthaya. It is the old Siam capital and shows all of the former beauty and strength of the kingdom. Those interested in culture or history should definitely visit Ayutthaya and for all others the impressive ruins are worth a short trip. If having some days left before leaving Thailand and wanting to get off the chaos of Bangkok here is a perfect place to enjoy some quiet days and get relaxed. Take some time for yourself before returning to the normal life at home.

Top 9: Ko Lanta

The island Ko Lanta is another place for those searching for some quiet days. If you need some distance from crowded beaches or to recover from the last full-moon party this is the perfect place. If there are some clouds in the sky one can be alone at the beach sometimes and the latest bar is closing at one o’clock in the night. The people coming here can go to so many different beaches that no one is crowded, that there is not such a hotspot as on the other islands. Just relax for some days and then go on to the next island. Even though it has some charm Lanta is not as beautiful as its neighbor islands.

Top 10: Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai is the oldest and most often visited national park in Thailand. It is located in the east of Bangkok. If just for one day or for a longer trip the routes through the park lead to wild nature. Monkeys, Elephants, Tiger and all the other animals of the jungle can be found here but you do need some luck and patience. The trekking in such a great heat is more exhausting as one may think and it is the greatest pleasure to reach one of the lakes or waterfalls. These do not only look beautiful but offer a short cooling.