Die Top 10 sehenswertesten Orte in China

Top 10 Places to visit in China

Fascination China, the empire of a strange country to most of us despise it’s growing popularity. A country we want to immerse into.

Fascination China, the empire of a strange country to most of us despise it’s growing popularity. A country we want to immerse into and have thousands of impressions. China is furthermore a country of extremes. The big cities compared to the barely populated nature. The big difference between poor and rich and the diverse attitude towards the country. On the one hand the fascination and sometimes admiration for the things it has reached and on the other hand the inhuman acts, we can’t accept at all.

A trip to the country is worth a risk and this article should show the most beautiful and worth seeing places.

Top 1: The Great Wall of China

Everybody knows the popular Great Wall of China, it is one of the best known and most visited sight of the country. It is the biggest structure build by human beings and can be seen even from space. Such an impressing proof that shows what people can do is rare on earth. The construction started in 2014 before Christ. To protect his people from enemies the first Emperor of China Quin Shihuangdi started to build fences, the beginning of the Great Wall of China. Through many years the Wall was expanded many times and sometimes destroyed in some areas. The shape it has today has been built during the Ming Dynasty.
The historical building has a length of 6350 kilometers and a width of six meters average. The hight can vary from four to 16 meters.
At more touristic places the Wall is in a good condition and is renovated but other places keep crumbling. Since 1987 the Great Wall of China is UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Top 2: Tiananmen Square

The Tiananmen Square also called Place of heavenly peace is one of the most popular sights in Beijing. It is located in the middle of the city and is the biggest Square in the world. There you can find the Monument to the People’s Heroes. This monument shows scenes from the revolutionary history of China and the inscription of Mao Zedong. On one side there is located the gate to heavenly peace and behind it the Palace of the Emperor. This palace is almost 600 years old and was seat of government for the Emperors of Ming Dynasty and Quing Dynasty. From this place they ruled their country. Inside of the palace there is a museum today which reminds of the Emperors and the history of China. The palace is also UNESCO world cultural heritage today. The Tiananmen Square has an important past but is almost every time crowded by tourists.

Top 3: Summer Palace

In 1750 the Emperor Quianlong had built a huge Garden for his mother’s 60 Birthday. This garden includes numerous buildings such as halls and temples and in addition lakes and statues. In his history the garden was destroyed and rebuilt many times till today. For some time it was used as summer residence for different Emperors. Since 1924 it is open for visitors. The gardens make us marvel at the richness and beauty of the buildings but also invites to relax and take some time. Many of the halls, temples and other buildings can be visited for money. In tea houses one can sit down and have a cup and during a walk around the lake one can see a marvel boat.

Those searching for some hours outside the big city can immerse into a different world here full of beauty and nature.

Top 4: Olympic Park

When in Bejing one should also visit the Olympic Park of the Olympic Games from 2008. The area can be visited and often there are some events, too. Numerous Buildings were constructed there in quite a short time to have a suitable place for the games. The Olympic Games gave a focus on China in the international talking. Many different opinions could be heard and there were also a lot of critical voices.
Great and interesting buildings are the National Stadium also called Bird’s Nest and the blue swimming hall.

Top 5: Jin-Mao Gebäude

This impressive building combines modern architecture with traditional Chinese elements. The tower is 421 high and owns 88 levels. With this size it is a true superlative building. After five years of construction the Tower was finished in 1999. The outside is made of steel and glass and has a futuristic touch. Inside it has luxurious flats, offices and the highest hotel in the world is located in the upper levels.
The Jin-Mao Tower does not only convince with his appearance but was also built earthquake secure because it is located on endangered ground. A little bit frightening is that the top of the building can move about 75 cm because of wind. Modern technology was also built into the elevators. They bring you to the top in 45 seconds.
From the platform at the top of the building one has a spectacular view on the skyline of Shanghai.

Top 6: Victoria Peak

There is an old cable railway going from Hong Kong up to the surrounding mountains, it is called Peak Tram. Beginning with the ride in the railway it is a great adventure and one has a fantastic view over the city. On the top one can find the so called Peak Tower an area hosting shops and restaurants. A great view provides the level walk around Lugar Road which is not that tiring or difficult. For all sportive people there is another walk lasting about 50 minutes. It is totally worth it to go there again by night or in the evening. A sea of light will then lie at your feet.
The Peak is not only a great platform but also has a part in Hong Kong’s history. Before 1945 it was not allowed for Chinese people to live there. It was the area of colonial rulers who sought protection from tropical diseases that ruled the city.

Top 7: Tian Tan Buddha

The Tian Tan Buddha is the biggest sitting Buddha in the world. The Statue is 34 meters high and 250 tons heavy. The statue is located in the Lantau Island near Hong Kong. The huge Buddha was made of bronze and built in 1993. Eight smaller statues are at his feet. The Buddha is sitting on a pedestal which is 268 steps high. Inside of the pedestal there is a small exposition.

Top 8: Temple Street

The Temple Street is the place to do shopping and buy just anything you like. The famous night market takes place there every night from 6 o’clock to 11 o’clock. You can find everything from food to clothes, jewelry, art and gifts. There are areas with cookshops and other snacks and others with fortune-tellers and artists.

Top 9: Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

The mausoleum is an ancient grave from 210 before Christ and belongs to the biggest of its kind worldwide. Today the area is among the most popular and most visited sights in China. Especially impressive is the so called “terra cotta army” which belongs to the mausoleum. More than 7000 live-sized stone soldiers can be seen there. They present an original picture of one of the ancient armies from that time. Each figure can be identified with its uniform and badges. Even every single face was shaped in a different way so no two figures look the same. It really feels as if the ancient army has turned into stone. Since 1987 the stone figures are considered UNESCO world cultural heritage and some even refer to them as the 8th Wonder of the World.

Top 10: Three Gorges

China is a country with a lot of different faces and no human being will ever discover its whole dimension and glory because it’s true wonders are well hidden. Its history and all the gorgeous buildings make China a country which impresses people all over again every time they visit it. A journey through China can lead to the most impressive places and it is a wonderful experience to see all of it with one’s own eyes.