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Electronic confirmation

Electronic confirmation

The basic requirement for enrollment at a state or state-recognized university in Germany is proof of insurance with or exemption from a statutory health insurance plan. Since January 2022, all state or state-recognized universities in Germany have been required to participate in the so-called electronic registration procedure.

Procedure for proof of insurance with a statutory health insurance company

As a potential student, you independently request the certificate from your statutory health insurance provider. With the introduction of the electronic registration procedure, the obligation of the statutory health insurance companies to send the certificate of insurance by post to the university is no longer applicable. The health insurance will send your insurance status electronically to your university.

Procedure for the proof of exemption from statutory health insurance

If you wish to take out private health insurance, you must submit a proof of exemption from statutory health insurance to your university when you enroll. You can also request this exemption independently of any German statutory insurance company. In order to receive the exemption, you must agree to the consequences of an exemption in writing. On the other hand, you must present an insurance policy with a private health insurance company.

Consequences of an exemption from the statutory health insurance

The possibility of exemption from the statutory health insurance exists only within the first three months after your enrollment at a public or publicly recognized university. It is binding for the entire period of study.